Collaboration – Biologisk Institut - Københavns Universitet

Department of Biology – expert knowledge and technology

Unique disciplinary coverage

Broad disciplinary coverage provides the ability to solve R&D challenges at disciplinary interfaces. At the Dept. of Biology, our sections span and combine the biological sciences from computer modelling and bioinformatics, over the organization levels of genes, molecules, organisms, populations and entire ecosystems as well as environmental interactions.

An elite research environment

University rankings place the field of biology and biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen first in Denmark and among the top 30 universities internationally. The Departmental research performance is outstanding with a high scientific output and a significantly increasing number of publications in high-impact journals. In addition, collaboration and co-publication with private companies have increased several-fold over the last five years.

Critical mass

With a tenured staff of around 90 associate and full professors, close to 100 post-docs, 200 PhD-students, and approximately 2000 BSc and MSc students, the Department of Biology is among the biggest research departments in Denmark – a bank of knowledge and expertise. Further, outgoing networks are based on a long track record of fruitful cooperation with external partners from institutions as well as private partners.