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News from the Department of Biology

  • 2017.09.12

    Post Doc Jonathan Shik received a ERC Starting Grant

    Jonathan (Jon) Shik received a prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). He is a community ecologist exploring how physiological traits govern the performance and coexistence of species in »

  • 2017.07.26

    The Danish Reference genome

    After close to 5 years of work, the GenomeDenmark consortium has now finalized the efforts to establish a Danish Reference genome. The result is a reference of unrivalled quality and information depth, as compared to »

  • 2017.06.26

    Rector Henrik Wegener at the Department of Biology

    The new rector of the University of Copenhagen, Henrik Wegener, visited the Department of Biology on Monday 26th June as part of his tour of the 38 departments of the University. Apart from meeting with the leadership »

  • 2017.03.23

    New structural biology cluster at the University of Copenhagen

    The University of Copenhagen is establishing a new cluster, ISBUC, which compiles researchers from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences with a strong common interest in the structural »

  • 2017.03.15

    With climate change shrubs and trees expand northwards in the Subarctic

    Shrubs expand in the tundra in northern Scandinavia. And it is known that fixation of nitrogen from the air is in the tundra to a high degree performed by cyanobacteria associated with mosses. Also enhanced nitrogen »

  • 2017.03.06

    Breakthrough in live coral imaging

    Scientists at University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Technology Sydney (Australia), and Oregon Health University (USA) have used a well-known biomedical imaging technique called optical coherence tomography »

  • 2017.01.30

    Scientists show how cells communicate

    Primary cilia are antenna-like structures that are present on the surface of most cells in the human body. The cilia are essential mediators of communication between the different cells in the body. If the cilia are »

  • 2016.12.19

    How bacteria survive antibiotic treatment

    Scientists around the world are working hard to win the battle against multi-resistant bacteria. A new publication from the BASP Centre, University of Copenhagen now presents how even sensitive bacteria often manage to »

  • 2016.11.01

    Understanding genetic diseases in detail

    Anders Albrechtsen, associate professor at the Section for Computational Biology and RNA Research at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen received October 26, 2016 a 5-year fellowship (10 mDKK) from the »

  • 2016.09.20

    Large grant to research in bacteria survival strategy

    Etienne Maisonneuve, post doc at Center for Bacterial Stress Response and Persistence, University of Copenhagen, receives approx. 1.5 million euro from the European Research Council for the project “STRINGENCY”, »