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Cilia Group 

Cilia are slender, hair-like organelles that project from the surface of most growth-arrested cells in our body. They consist of a microtubule-based axoneme surrounded by a bilayer lipid membrane that is enriched in specific receptor proteins and ion channels. Some types of cilia are motile and present in many copies per cell (e.g. cilia on epithelial cells lining the airways and oviduct) while others are non-motile and present in only one copy per cell. These cilia are also called primary cilia. Whether motile or not, all types of cilia have important sensory functions. Consequently, defects in the assembly or function of cilia can lead to severe diseases and developmental disorders, such as congenital heart disease, cystic kidney disease, obesity, cancer and cognitive defects.

Research in our group is focused on the following aspects of cilia assembly and function:

  • The function of primary cilia in coordination of cellular signaling pathways, including PDGFRα, Hedgehog, Wnt and TGFβ signaling
  • The function of primary cilia in regulation of cell polarity, migration, differentiation and growth control
  • The function of primary cilia in stem cells and organogenesis during embryonic development, including heart development
  • The function of primary cilia in tumorigenesis and cancer
  • Molecular mechanisms of intraflagellar transport
  • Role of microtubule plus end-tracking proteins in ciliogenesis

Our group is a member of the Nordic Cilia and Centrosome Network (

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