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Marine Biology > Research

Research projects

Aquaculture and Bioproducts

  • Bacteriophage control of fish pathogens
  • Effect of CO2 in recirculating aquaculture systems
  • Implications of toxic algae
  • Physiology and optimal growth of bivalves and fish

Climate Change

  • Effect of increasing temperatures on arctic fish biodiversity and physiology
  • Implications of ocean acidification for system productivity and trophic interactions
  • Temperature related impacts on community dynamics and biogeochemistry in polar ecosystems

Functional and Zoological Evolutionary Biology

  • Adaptational and respiratory physiology of marine animals
  • Fossil barnacles in Danish moclay
  • Functional morphology and evolution of benthic invertebrates
  • Population biology of invasive European green crab
  • Reproduction biology in cirripeds based on 3 model species
  • Sperm structure in box jellyfish

Microbial Ecology

  • Ecology of planktonic mixotrophic consortia
  • Functional and genetic diversity of marine bacteria and protists
  • Microbial interactions and behaviour
  • Microenvironmental ecology and photobiology
  • Virus-host interactions in microbial communities


  • Adaptation to hydrogen sulfide in invertebrates
  • Comparative physiology of marine fish and invertebrates
  • Microcirculation in fish
  • Vision and visual processing in box jellyfish
  • Visual ecology of starfish