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Funded projects


SandBAR - Strategies and Barriers to avoid the spread of Antibiotic Resistance genes during Wastewater Treatment. SandBAR is the first comprehensive initiative to investigate how wastewater treatment plants affect the transfer and occurrence of antimicrobial resistance to and in human pathogens.
Funded by the Danish council for independent research


Deciphering the causal mechanisms linking the early life microbiome and common chronic inflammatory diseases. In this project we aim to determine the full metagenome from gut and airways to unravel the extrinsic mechanisms that determine the transition from health to chronic disease.
Funden by The Novo Nordisk Foundation


Mapping the role of the microbiome in the origin of asthma and allergy, a prospective clinical study. We will explore the association between alterations in the microbiome, in different body compartments, and the development of asthma and allergy in childhood.
Funded by The Lundbeck Foundation

DARWIN - Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Urban Water Cycle in Europe .We will determine specific bacterial hosts that carry AMR genes across UWSs, and identify where key HGT events occur with the ultimate goal of assessing the relative risk of AMR genes returning back to humans due to environmental exposure.
Funded by The Innovation Fund Denmark  & JPI-AMR CoFund 2016

The Trojan Horse. A new biotechnology for pesticide removal at drinking water sand filters
Funded by The Innovation Fund Denmark

 “Photo: Courtesy of Carl Zeiss”.

Multifocal, A closer look at Social interactions
Villum Foundation Grant to purchace the confocal Zeiss LSM 800 with Airyscan microscope for 2-,3-, and 4D visualization.


Multispecies biofilm: Unraveling the black box
A study of multispecies biofilms with regard to succession, interspecies interactions, underlying molecular and evolutionary mechanisms and the role of multispecies biofilms as plasmid reservoirs.
Funded by The Villum Foundation


Keratin2Protein: Novel approach to protein recovery fromunutilized slaugtherhouse waste trough microbial conversionFunded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research


Metaproteome. Analysis of Microbial Biofilm Consortia in Food Production Lines

Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research


Social interactions

SIMICOM . Social Interactions in Microbial Communities
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research


Meat-Cross-Con: Meat safety: An innovative modelling approach to evaluate microbial pathogen tranfer and cross contamination from farm to fork.
Funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research


Trainbiodiverse. A multinational network of European research institutions and independent private sector representatives working in collaboration to train young scientists in multi-disciplinary aspects of soil biodiversity, ecosystem services and the economic significance of European soils
Funded by the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/


ABC Lundbeck. Sequencing of the human microbiome in pregnant women and new-borns in two birth cohorts and analysing bacterial association to the development of asthma, eczema and allergy.
Funded by The Lundbeck Foundation


Copenhagen high through-put biofilm research facility. Carlsberg Foundation Grant to purchase a BioFlux 1000z flow cell array platform. 12.12.2011
MetaphageLAB: Development and evolution of Lactococcus and Leuconostoc bacteriophages in dairies using undefined starter cultures, a metagenome approach.
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research
biofilm ADAP Adaptability and pr omiscuity among pathogenic and commensal microorganisms
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research
CREAM 2: Second fase of Center for Environmental and Agricultural Microbiology
Investigations of microbial degradation processes under natural soil conditions.
Funded by The Villum Foundation
SiB. Børn - øget velfærd og sundhed i børneinstitutioner
Funded by The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation
NOVENIA. Novel enzyme systems of industrial relevance: Specialised proteolytic enzymes for release of new bioactive peptides.
Funded by The Programme Commission on Health, Food and Welfare
Metaexplore: Metagenomics for Bioexploration - tools and application
Funded by The Specific Programme "Cooperation": Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013
Robuferm: Towards robust fermentation by targeting population heterogeneity at microscale.
Funded by FøSU
POPCORN - targeting POPulation heterogeneity at miCrOscale for Robust fermantatioN processes Acronym
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research
OstUnik. Smagfulde danske oste baseret på anvendelse af nye unikke og velkarakteriserede starterkulturer.
Funded by FøSU
Mobile Genetic Elements - The hidden Gene Pool of Bacteria
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research
Centre for Anti-resistance - Limiting the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance through targeted interventions directed at plasmid tranfer and stability.
Funded by FøSU