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26. juni 2017

Rector Henrik Wegener at the Department of Biology

Rector visiting

The new rector of the University of Copenhagen, Henrik Wegener, visited the Department of Biology on Monday 26th June as part of his tour of the 38 departments of the University. Apart from meeting with the leadership and the employees, the rector also had the opportunity to get a first hand impression of the NMR facilities at the department.

Henrik Wegener had an exclusive tour of the NMR facilities of the Department including the two strongest magnets at the university operating at 750 og 800 MHz, respectively. Section leader Kaare Teilum guided the tour and explained the important role of NMR spectroscopy in modern translational protein research. He also presented the application for a national instrumentcenter for interdisciplinary NMR spectroscopy (INSPECT) on the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure, that the Department of Biology is promoting along with scientists from the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Aarhus.

Fototext: Section leader Kaare Teilum, Section for Biomolecular Sciences, Department of Biology, shows rector Henrik Wegener around in the NMR basement, Biocenter.