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Katrine Worsaae

Lektor/ Associate Professor

Marine Biological Section

Universitetsparken 4 
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Telefon: +45 35 33 04 33
E-mail: kworsaae@bio.ku.dk

Research areas

Evolution, development, diversity, and morphology (incl. neuroanatomy) of marine macro- and meiofaunal invertebrates (with focus on Annelida) and their interaction with the environment. Evolutionary pathways, adaptations (e.g. of anchialine, arctic and interstitial fauna) and theories such as "paedomorphosis" in Metazoa.

Development and application of advanced bioimaging techniques such as microscopic time-lapse photography and video-recordings in LM, SEM, TEM, histology, immunohistochemistry, multi-staining protocols, CLSM and 3D computational modeling.

Ongoing projects on following taxa: Dinophilidae, Diurodrilidae, Dorvilleidae, Histriobdellidae, Myzostomida, Nerillidae, Protodrilidae, Protodriloidae, Psammodrilidae, Saccocirridae, Siboglinidae (all belonging to the phylum Annelida) as well as species of bryozoans, gastropods, bivalves, enteropneusts, cnidarians, echiurans, kinorhynchs and gastrotrichs.