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Bachelor projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

2 ABC-projects - Ant Brain Comparison in Monomorium pharaonis
Supervisor: Manuel Nagel, Guojie Zhang

Advanced Membrane Protein Research and Biotechnology
Supervisor: Per Amstrup Pedersen

Alder – a tree with a double symbiosis with both N-fixing bacteria and ectomycorrhizal fungi
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Amino acid and glucose sensors from yeast and humans
Supervisor: Peter Scharff-Poulsen and Per Amstrup Pedersen

Analysis of plant constituents with spectroscopical and chemical methods
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Riikka Rinnan

Analysis of seed sterility and plant growth in response to sterilization
Supervisor: Victoria Munkager, Flemming Ekelund and Mette Vestergård

Anti-obesity effects of brown fat in mammals
Supervisor: Jacob B. Hansen

Arctic soil volatiles - coupling to vegetation phenology and disturbance
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Are differences in the composition of gut communities between different fungus-growing termite genera driven by consumption of different food fungi?
Supervisor: Aram Mikaelyan and Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Are eucalypt leaf volatiles inducible?
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO), Elizabeth Neilson (PLEN)

ASHBACK – Environmentally safe application of biofuel ash as fertilizers in biofuel production
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller, Mette Vestergård, Søren Christensen, Louise Hindborg Mortensen, Carla Cruz Paredes, Sara Bentzon-Tilia

ATP signalling in cancer and diabetes
Supervisor: Ivana Novak

Bacterial composition, diversity and function in marine waters - molecular microbiology projects
Supervisor: Lasse Riemann

Bacterial cooperation in multispecies biofilms associated to food production devices
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Mette Burmølle

Biodiversity and food chain interactions in arctic lakes
Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Bioengineering of pharmaceutical terpenoids in cyanobacteria
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Biogenic volatile organic compounds - release from plants, microbes and ecosystems
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and others depending on the topic

Cell cycle and genome stability
Supervisor: Christian Holmberg, Olaf Nielsen

CENPERM - Center for Permafrost
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme, Helge Ro-Poulsen

Chemical weaponry of termite soldiers
Supervisor: Victoria Challinor, Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Climate change - rise of the jellyfish?
Supervisor: Anders Garm

CO2 emission and release of volatile organic compounds after 10 years of changed environmental conditions
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Riikka Rinnan

Contrasting submergence tolerance in two wheat genotypes - why?
Supervisor: PhD student Max Herzog, Associate Professor Ole Pedersen

Cyanobacteria as feedstock for biofuel fermentations
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Decomposition of large herbivore dung
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan & Peter Holter

Determining the bacteria associated with fibre digestion in the burrowing cockroach Pycnoscelus surinamensis
Supervisor: Aram Mikaelyan and Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Differential gene expression in multispecies biofilm
Supervisor: Mette Burmølle

Disordered proteins in the ubiquitin-proteasome system
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Diversity and ecophysiology of plants following drought and re-colonization
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Helge Ro-Poulsen

Does air pollution affect trees in urban areas or do the trees affect air pollution?
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Dry under water
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Ectomycorrhiza and soil formation – Salix (Willow) as a main driver in primary succession series
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Ectomycorrhizal fungi – biodiversity, community structure and function
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Effekt af tilført bio-aske på nedbrydning af jordens organiske stof; uheldig effekt på Klodens drivhusgas-budget
Supervisor: Søren Christensen

Environmentally safe control of pest nematodes in organic vegetable production
Supervisor: Mette Vestergård

Exploring forest ecosystem function
Supervisor: Annelein Meisner and Aimee Classen

Foliar pathogens in Danish agriculture: communities, populations, disease and resistance
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Freeze-thaw effects on greenhouse gas emission, investigated by on-line concentration and isotope analyses
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Glycogen biogenesis in photosynthetic bacteria
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Growth of fungi on sustainable coatings with wood as underlying surface.
Supervisor: Bo Jensen

Heavy metal tolerance in soil protozoa
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund and Jesper Johansen

How low can you go – activity of permafrost microorganisms at very low temperature
Supervisor: Anders Priemé

Impact of neonicotinoids on the behavior and brain of M. pharaonis ants
Supervisor: Manuel Nagel, Guojie Zahng

Improving growth of cacao and coffee seedlings by inoculating with beneficial bacteria and fungi
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller and Anders Priemé

Interactions between invasive plants and belowground organisms
Supervisor: Mette Vestergård

Methane production, oxidation and emission from wet subarctic heath exposed to climate change
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen (BIO) & Bo Elberling (IGN)

Microbial consortia that optimize plant growth
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Microbial production and uptake of volatile organic compounds
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Microbiology of thawing permafrost
Supervisor: Anders Priemé

Molecular mechanisms of DNA shredding by III-B CRISPR-Cas systems
Supervisor: Qunxin She

Moss-associated nitrogen fixation as an important N input in terrestrial ecosystems
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Kathrin Rousk

MSc and BSc projects in Microenvironmental Ecology / Marine Biology / Microbiology
Supervisor: Michael Kühl

N2 fixing bacteria in the sea – a combination of microbiology, molecular biology and marine biology
Supervisor: Lasse Riemann & Postdoc Deniz Bombar

Name a new parasite!
Supervisor: Rune Stensvold, Laboratory of Parasitology, Statens Serum Institut & Søren Sørensen, Section of Microbiology, UCPH

On the quest to waterproofing crops – submergence tolerance of wheat
Supervisor: Max Herzog and Ole Pedersen

Orchids: which factors determine their distribution?
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller

Protein sequence-function relationship studies by means of genetics and chemical biology
Supervisor: Jakob Winther

Regulated intracellular protein degradation to counter disease
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

RNA hubs in post-transcriptional gene regulation
Supervisor: Jan Christiansen

RNA structure, modifications and gene regulation
Supervisor: Jeppe Vinther

Soil gas profiles in Danish ecosystems
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Structural destabilization as a trigger for hereditary disease
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Submergence-tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum), and help it cope with future climate changes!
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen and Max Herzog

The interconnection between biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen, Mette Burmølle og Jonas Stenløkke Madsen

Underwater photosynthesis of wheat during submergence
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Urban Biodiversity
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Virus-driven reprogramming of bacterial traits
Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe

Why are certain Podaxis fungi associated with termite mounds and others not?
Supervisor: Victoria Challinor, Michael Thomas-Poulsen