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Biology projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

2 ABC-projects - Ant Brain Comparison in Monomorium pharaonis
Supervisor: Manuel Nagel, Guojie Zhang

Advanced Membrane Protein Research and Biotechnology
Supervisor: Per Amstrup Pedersen

Alder – a tree with a double symbiosis with both N-fixing bacteria and ectomycorrhizal fungi
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Amino acid and glucose sensors from yeast and humans
Supervisor: Peter Scharff-Poulsen and Per Amstrup Pedersen

Analysis of plant constituents with spectroscopical and chemical methods
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Riikka Rinnan

Analysis of seed sterility and plant growth in response to sterilization
Supervisor: Victoria Munkager, Flemming Ekelund and Mette Vestergård

Anti-obesity effects of brown fat in mammals
Supervisor: Jacob B. Hansen

Anti-viral immune system CRISPR-Cas type I-D working mechanism
Supervisor: Xu Peng

Aquatic re-established ecosystems
Supervisor: Kaj Sand-Jensen, Theis Kragh and Lars Båstrup-Spohr

Arctic soil volatiles - coupling to vegetation phenology and disturbance
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Are differences in the composition of gut communities between different fungus-growing termite genera driven by consumption of different food fungi?
Supervisor: Aram Mikaelyan and Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Are eucalypt leaf volatiles inducible?
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO), Elizabeth Neilson (PLEN)

Arms Race in hyperthermophilic archaea (virus - host interactions)
Supervisor: Xu Peng

ASHBACK – Environmentally safe application of biofuel ash as fertilizers in biofuel production
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller, Mette Vestergård, Søren Christensen, Louise Hindborg Mortensen, Carla Cruz Paredes, Sara Bentzon-Tilia

ATP signalling in cancer and diabetes
Supervisor: Ivana Novak

Bacterial composition, diversity and function in marine waters - molecular microbiology projects
Supervisor: Lasse Riemann

Bacterial cooperation in multispecies biofilms associated to food production devices
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Mette Burmølle

Biodiversity and food chain interactions in arctic lakes
Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Bioengineering of pharmaceutical terpenoids in cyanobacteria
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Biogenic volatile organic compounds - release from plants, microbes and ecosystems
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and others depending on the topic

Bioinformatics approaches for assembly and characterization of novel circular complete plasmids from publically available Escherichia coli genomes
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Waleed Abu Al-Soud

BioWide - Biodiversity in width and depth
Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Rasmus Kjøller, Tobias Frøslev

Calcium signaling in health and disease
Supervisor: Martin W. Berchtold

Can bacteria save the baroque garden at Frederiksborg Castle from nematode attack?
Supervisor: Mette Vestergård

Cell cycle and genome stability
Supervisor: Christian Holmberg, Olaf Nielsen

CENPERM - Center for Permafrost
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme, Helge Ro-Poulsen

Characterization of bacterial mercury resistance in High Arctic bacteria
Supervisor: Niels Kroer ( & Søren J. Sørensen (

Climate change - rise of the jellyfish?
Supervisor: Anders Garm

CO2 emission and release of volatile organic compounds after 10 years of changed environmental conditions
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Riikka Rinnan

Contrasting submergence tolerance in two wheat genotypes - why?
Supervisor: PhD student Max Herzog, Associate Professor Ole Pedersen

Cryptobiosis and environmental stress tolerance in tardigrades
Supervisor: Nadja Møbjerg

Cyanobacteria as feedstock for biofuel fermentations
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Decomposition of large herbivore dung
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan & Peter Holter

Determining the bacteria associated with fibre digestion in the burrowing cockroach Pycnoscelus surinamensis
Supervisor: Aram Mikaelyan and Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Development and function of the visual system in the box jellyfish Morbakka virulenta
Supervisor: Anders Garm

Differential gene expression in multispecies biofilm
Supervisor: Mette Burmølle

Disordered proteins in the ubiquitin-proteasome system
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Diversity and ecophysiology of plants following drought and re-colonization
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Helge Ro-Poulsen

Do bacteria associated with fungus-growing termite guts depend on each other?
Supervisor: Mette Burmølle or Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Do termite-associated bacteria play a role in antimicrobial defense of the colony?
Supervisor: Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Does air pollution affect trees in urban areas or do the trees affect air pollution?
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Dry under water
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Ectomycorrhiza and soil formation – Salix (Willow) as a main driver in primary succession series
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Ectomycorrhizal fungi – biodiversity, community structure and function
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Effekt af tilført bio-aske på nedbrydning af jordens organiske stof; uheldig effekt på Klodens drivhusgas-budget
Supervisor: Søren Christensen

Environmentally safe control of pest nematodes in organic vegetable production
Supervisor: Mette Vestergård

Exploring forest ecosystem function
Supervisor: Annelein Meisner and Aimee Classen

Foliar pathogens in Danish agriculture: communities, populations, disease and resistance
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Forensic use of DNA and organisms to link soil with crime scenes
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller, Tobias Frøslev, Mette Vestergaard and Anders Hansen (SNM)

Freeze-thaw effects on greenhouse gas emission, investigated by on-line concentration and isotope analyses
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Genetic characterization of bacterial human virulence genes in non-host environmental bacteria
Supervisor: Niels Kroer ( & Søren J. Sørensen (

Glycogen biogenesis in photosynthetic bacteria
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Growth of fungi on sustainable coatings with wood as underlying surface.
Supervisor: Bo Jensen

Heavy metal tolerance in soil protozoa
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund and Jesper Johansen

How low can you go – activity of permafrost microorganisms at very low temperature
Supervisor: Anders Priemé

Impact of drug treatment on the social behavior and brain of M. pharaonis ants
Supervisor: Manuel Nagel, Guojie Zhang

Impact of insecticides on the behavior and brain of M. pharaonis ants
Supervisor: Manuel Nagel, Guojie Zahng

Improving growth of cacao and coffee seedlings by inoculating with beneficial bacteria and fungi
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller and Anders Priemé

Interactions between invasive plants and belowground organisms
Supervisor: Mette Vestergård

Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis of keratin degrading microbial communities in microcosms
Supervisor: Waleed Abu Al-Soud, Samuel Jacquiod og Søren Sørensen

Metagenomic characterization of microbial communities and activities in the Japan Trench sediment
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Waleed Abu Al-Soud

Methane production, oxidation and emission from wet subarctic heath exposed to climate change
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen (BIO) & Bo Elberling (IGN)

Microbial consortia that optimize plant growth
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Microbial production and uptake of volatile organic compounds
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Microbial responses to rewetting and thawing
Supervisor: Annelein Meisner and Anders Priemé

Microbiology of thawing permafrost
Supervisor: Anders Priemé

Molecular mechanisms of DNA shredding by III-B CRISPR-Cas systems
Supervisor: Qunxin She

Moss-associated nitrogen fixation as an important N input in terrestrial ecosystems
Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Kathrin Rousk

MSc and BSc projects in Microenvironmental Ecology / Marine Biology / Microbiology
Supervisor: Michael Kühl

Mycorrhizal status during plant primary succession
Supervisor: Álvaro López-García; Rasmus Kjøller; Hans Henrik Brunn; Søren Rosendahl

N2 fixing bacteria in the sea – a combination of microbiology, molecular biology and marine biology
Supervisor: Lasse Riemann & Postdoc Deniz Bombar

Name a new parasite!
Supervisor: Rune Stensvold, Laboratory of Parasitology, Statens Serum Institut & Søren Sørensen, Section of Microbiology, UCPH

Nitrogen cycling in arctic ecosystems: at present and in future
Supervisor: Jing Tang, Riikka Rinnan

On the quest to waterproofing crops – submergence tolerance of wheat
Supervisor: Max Herzog and Ole Pedersen

Optimization of microbial encapsulation techniques for isolation of keratin degrading microbial species.
Supervisor: Waleed Abu Al-Soud, Samuel Jacquiod og Søren Sørensen

Orchids: which factors determine their distribution?
Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller

Prophages - ticking time bombs or key genetic elements in bacterial hosts?
Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe

Protein sequence-function relationship studies by means of genetics and chemical biology
Supervisor: Jakob Winther

Regulated intracellular protein degradation to counter disease
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

RNA hubs in post-transcriptional gene regulation
Supervisor: Jan Christiansen

RNA structure, modifications and gene regulation
Supervisor: Jeppe Vinther

Social interactions and population structure
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Mette Burmølle

Soil gas profiles in Danish ecosystems
Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) & Christian Albers (GEUS)

Structural destabilization as a trigger for hereditary disease
Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Submergence-tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum), and help it cope with future climate changes!
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen and Max Herzog

Sulfide consumption in photosynthetic sulfur bacteria
Supervisor: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard

Targeting membrane repair processes in cancer cells
Supervisor: Martin W. Berchtold; Jonas M.La Cour

The interconnection between biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer
Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen, Mette Burmølle og Jonas Stenløkke Madsen

Thermal stress thresholds of Danish seagrass: effect of flow and leaf thermal boundary layers
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Kuhl, Co-supervisor: Postdoc. Kasper Elgetti Brodersen

Total biodiversity assessment in terrestrial ecosystems
Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun, Rasmus Kjøller, Susana Santos, Tobias Frøslev.

Trade-offs between life history strategies of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) along ecological gradients
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller and Alvaro Lopez Garcia

Transfer of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens
Supervisor: Hanne Ingmer ( and Sine Lo Svenningsen (

Underwater photosynthesis of wheat during submergence
Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Urban Biodiversity
Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller

Virus-driven reprogramming of bacterial traits
Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe

What’s on a circular mind? – neurobiology of the starfish brain
Supervisor: Anders Garm