EMBO Workshop: Cilia 2018

Cilia are microtubule-based organelles that are present on the surface of many eukaryotic cells and function in cell motility and sensory signaling. In recent years the cilia research field has grown at an amazing pace, and major discoveries have been achieved in multiple disciplines from molecular, cellular, and structural biology to genetics and medicine. Improved understanding of cilia biology has underscored the importance of cilia in many fundamental cellular and developmental processes, and ciliary dysfunction is now linked to a large number of different diseases (ciliopathies).

This EMBO Workshop will provide a dynamic, inspiring, and interactive forum for discussion of recent results and future directions in cilia research, and will foster interdisciplinary interactions between scientists, clinicians and ciliopathy patients. The principal themes of Cilia 2018 are molecular and clinical aspects of ciliopathies; centrosomes, basal bodies and ciliogenesis; signaling and development; trafficking and intraflagellar transport; structural biology of cilia and basal bodies; motile cilia and flagella.

Early bird registration: June 30th
Abstract submission: July 20th

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