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New developments in scientific publishing

BIO-SFU invites everyone to an afternoon seminar where international and local invited speakers will discuss some of the new developments in scientific publishing, like preprint servers, and their consequences - both for us today and for the future of scientific publishing.

The program for the afternoon is:

13:00-13:10   Short introduction (BIO-SFU)
13:10-13:40   Anna Akhmanova (Utrecht University and Deputy editor at Elife)
13:40-14:10   Jan H. Jensen (Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen)
14:10-14:20   Robin Andersson (Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen)
14:20-14:25   Extra time for questions, if any (all of the above speakers)
14:25-15:00   Coffee break
15:00-15:30   Pedro Beltrao (EMBL-EBI)
15:30-15:40   Emil Bjerrum-Bohr (NBI, University of Copenhagen)
15:40-15:50   Michael Lisby (Deputy head of Department of Biology, University of   Copenhagen
15:50-16:00   Additional questions and concluding remars (BIO-SFU and all speakers)