Bioinformatics Centre

Computational Bioinformatics________________________________________

Anders Krogh, Professor and Head of Section In my group we are working to understand the complex mechanisms of gene regulation, where we work on promoter analysis, non-coding RNA, where miRNAs and structure prediction are the main areas. We also work on methods for structure prediction from sequence.

Thomas Hamelryck, Associate Professor We are engaged with predicting, designing and determining the 3D structure of RNA and proteins, by developing sophisticated probabilistic models that describe aspects of protein structure. These models are mainly based on machine learning methods (including dynamic Bayesian networks), and directional statistics, the statistics of angles, directions and orientations.

Albin Sandelin, Professor The Sandelin lab is a computation/experimental group with scientists from many fields. We focus on gene regulation, transcriptomics, epigenetics and technological and informatics aspects. With the help of computers, we probe large biological datasets that are generated using novel genomics techniques. One of our strengths is our many collaborations with high-profile experimental laboratories, which supply data to be analyzed.

Robin Andersson, Assistant Professor The Andersson lab aims to characterize and better understand the architectures of transcriptional regulation and the fundamental properties of enhancers and promoters. In particular, we focus on enhancer transcription and its association with regulatory activity. We take a genomics approach and use computational and statistical learning techniques to model transcriptional regulation based on large