Research Groups

The research in the Section of Computational and RNA Biology is really - biological research using computers - it spans the DNA, RNA and protein worlds. We cover the methodological spectrum from wet-lab molecular biology to advanced computational model building and statistical inference.

The section is organised into 3 overall research areas, The Bioinformatics Centre consists of 2 related groups of research, Computational Bioinformatics and Population and Statistical Genetics.

Bioinformatics Centre

  • Computational Bioinformatics

          Anders Krogh

          › Thomas Hamelryck

          Albin Sandelin

         › Robin Andersson

  • Population and Statistical Genetics

          › Hans Siegismund

          › Anders Albrechtsen

          › Ida Moltke

          › Rute Fonseca

           Rasmus Heller

Experimental RNA Biology

          Peter Brodersen

          Jan Christiansen

          Jeppe Vinther