Section for Cell and Neurobiology

Research into genomics, neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, metabolism, and physiology is the main focus at CNB. The section is home to four research groups investigating biological problems within these fields, ranging from basic research to the molecular basis of human diseases in collaboration with industrial partners. The section has a very strong research and study environment, using the most advanced technologies for research and education in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, genetics and neurobiology. For this we use established lab models, primarily the fruit fly Drosophila, along with other emerging invertebrate models, including the beetle Tribolium and cnidarians. The fruit fly is an excellent genetic model organism for basic and biomedical research, enabling several important discoveries resulting in a number of Nobel prizes; the beetle is used as a model to study physiology, and other species give additional evolutionary insights into our understanding of intercellular signaling.