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October 30, 2017
Meet Denmark’s leading bioscience researchers at BIO-UCPH

Meet the Innovation Fund Denmark and listen to research and technology pitches from BIO-UCPH researchers, targeted towards private companies and organizations dependent on research in the biosciences area.

Program highlights and invitation (pdf)
Final program (pdf)

Introduction to BIO-UCPH
Value from Science – The Innovation Fund Denmark

BIO-UCPH presentations
Advanced Bioimaging / Nynne Christensen
Rasmus Hartman-Petersen
Structural biology / Kaare Teilum
Protein folding and cono toxins / Lars Ellgaard
Brown fat and energy dissipation / Jacob Hansen
Acid-base transport in epithelial cancer / Stine Falsig Pedersen
Drosophila models - Targets for pest control / Kim Rewitz and Kenneth Halberg
The bacterial stringent response / Farshid Jalalvand
Acido-thermophilic Archaeal Viruses / Xu Peng
Biofilm tools and single cell technologies / Mette Burmølle
Metagenomics and microbial consortia / Søren J Sørensen
Algae pigments and metabolites for biotech / Niels-Ulrik Frigaard
Ash in ecotox studies / Søren Christensen
Ecosystem toxicology and xenobiotics / Flemming Ekelund
Environmental DNA and uses / Rasmus Kjøller
Evidence-Based Natural Resource Management / David Nash
Ecosystem stressors. Eutrophication, climate change and invasive species / Kirsten Christoffersen

Two presentations are not publicly available. If you want information regarding ‘Gut and stem cell transcriptomics’ or ‘DNA circles as diagnostic markers’, please contact BIO-UCPH.

You can also find info on BIO-UCPH researchers and specific competences by keyword searchers here