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Below, a number of public-private strategic or focused collaborations are presented as case-stories, to present some of the recent years successful public-private interactions  and collaborations centered around BIOs research.

Clean tech spin-out in biomimetic separation

The IBISS project (www.ibiss.dtu.dk) lead by Claus Hélix-Nielsen (Aquaporin CTO and associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark) started in 2013 as a strategic collaboration among several academic research groups at the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark, as well as the private partners Aquaporin, DSS-Tetrapak and Arla.

The project’s vision is to harness nature’s unique molecular separation power in biomimetic separation and sensor applications, in an industrial context. BIO contributes with expertise concerning membrane protein pores and production of these pores. Pore-mediated selective exclusion or transport of solutes or specific compounds across membranes, is the project’s key approach and a paradigm shift for the separation and sensing industry.

The concept of pore-mediated transport of compounds or solutes across membranes. Transport of the molecule glucose is based on molecular recognition, whereas transport of water takes place through a narrow pore that excludes other types of molecules than water.

Aquaporin is a biotechnology-based clean tech company that produces membranes with active protein pores for industrial use. Through the collaboration with the Dept. of Biology, Aquaporin gains access to know-how and materials that are not commercially available, but essential for development and production.

Golgi CEO Torsten Høybye Bak Regueira (left), Aquaporin CTO Claus Helix-Nielsen (middle) and prof. Per Amstrup Pedersen, BIO (rigth) in one Golgi’s laboratoties.

Aquaporin CTO Claus Helix-Nielsen (right) with one of Aquaporin’s water purification products. Prof. Per Amstrup Pedersen from BIO (left).

In 2016, the close collaboration led to the establishment of the company Golgi, dedicated to production of membrane protein pores. Among others, Golgi is co-founded by Aquaporin and prof. Per Amstrup Pedersen from BIO.

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