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Collaboration types

Get access to bright minds and front line knowledge, facilities incl. advanced instruments and supercomputers, public resources, wide networks and your future employees.

Collaboration options and programs incl. public support in the table below focus on Danish and European programs, but BIO researchers can partake in almost any type of international program incl. public funding.

Research-driven Consultancy

Hire a researcher
- Senior scientist
- Industry scientist
Project partnership
- Basic science
- Industry partner as service
- Public sector services

Strategic alliances
and partnerships

- Project / ideation
- Ongoing project series
- Concurrent projects
- Multi-partner &/or multi-
  disciplinary projects
- National and international

Licensing of inventions
- TechTrans @ UCPH

BIO patents
Patent applications

Education-driven Student projects
- BSc senior project
- MSc Thesis project
Hire a young researcher
- Industrial PhD
- Industrial Postdoc
Innovation-driven Filling knowledge gaps
- Innobooster (DK)
Project partnership
- Innovation Fund
- Horizon 2020
- Societal Challenges