Ole Maaløes Vej 5, 2200 Copenhagen N           Download map

 Name Location Capacity Projector Screen Conn.
 Lundbeckfond Building 5, ground fl.350 yesyes 
 2-0-25Building 2, ground fl.16 yes Smartboard 
 4-0-02Building 4, ground fl.46yesyes 
 4-0-05Building 4, ground fl.36yesyes 
 4-0-10Building 4,ground fl.46yesyes 
 4-0-13Building 4, ground fl.36yesyes 
 4-0-24Building 4, ground fl.60yesyes 
 4-0-32Building 4, ground fl.46yesyes 
 LABORATORIES with attached side room
 The side rooms may also be booked for classes, if there is not education in the attached laboratory.
 2-0-14Building 2, ground fl..32yesyes
 2-0-07/0932 yes yes  
 2-0-18Building 2, ground fl.48yesyes
 2-1-06 Building 2, 1. floor32yesyes
 2-1-07/0932 yes  no 
 2-1-26 Building 2, 1. floor48yesyes
 2-2-06Building 2, 2. floor32yesyes
 2-2-07/0932yes yes   
 2-2-18Building 2, 2. floor48yesyes