Available research infrastructure

External partners may access instruments and infrastructure either through collaborative projects or by paying time fees.

Core-facilities with dedicated personnel

Advanced bioimaging

  • The advanced bioimaging facility enables the dynamic assessment of live biological processes and phenomena.
  • The facility provides imaging centered around two main topics:
    1) The interaction between cells and the microenvironment, comprising nutrients, ions and biomolecules, neighboring cells, and symbiotic or pathogenic organisms, as well as
    2) genome dynamics including DNA replication and repair, cell cycle control, chromatin structure and transcription, intracellular signaling etc.
  • More advanced bioimaging info
  • Fees for different user types

Biocomputing core-facility

  • Add bioinformatics insights to your wet-lab studies via the biocomputing core facility. Dedicated bioinformatics personnel will undertake your analyses on BIOs internal supercomputers or on the national Danish Computerome Life Sciences supercomputer, where BIO is a partner.
  • BIOs Biocomputing core-facility
  • Computerome


We are working on making our internal instrument database available to external partners, to provide search options for external partners wishing to assess specific instruments.