The PhD Network

The PhD Network @ Bio is a network for the PhD students at Department of Biology aspiring to bring together all PhD students at the department. The aim is to give the PhD students more opportunities to interact, to exchange ideas on research, to network, to get career inspiration and to have fun!
The PhD BIO network hosts social and inspiring events every quarter which entail drinks, food, social activities and different inputs on career, communication, research, etc.
Furthermore, the network will host introductory dinners for newly started PhD students.
Being involved in the PhD BIO Network is mainly an opportunity to have fun, to hang out and be social with your fellow PhD students and to arrange events to the benefit of all the PhDs at BIO (and to what degree you want to be involved is very flexible and up to you). There will be monthly meetings to organise and develop new events as well as purely social evenings with beers and hygge.
So, if you are interested in hearing more about what the PhD BIO network can do for you, if you want to be involved in arranging some of the events currently in the pipeline or if you do have a great idea for something you want to have at the department – please  contact us at one of the events or write us an email.