Bioinformatics projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

Ant genomics and social evolution

Supervisor: Guojie Zhang and Joel Vizueta

Are eucalypt leaf volatiles inducible?

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO), Elizabeth Neilson (PLEN)

Bacterial composition, diversity and function in marine waters - molecular microbiology projects

Supervisor: Lasse Riemann

Bacterial cooperation in multispecies biofilms associated to food production devices

Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Mette Burmølle

Biogenic volatile organic compounds - release from plants, microbes and ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and others depending on the topic

Biogenic volatile release from decomposing plant leaves across ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and other relevant persons

CENPERM - Center for Permafrost

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme

Climate-smart African rice

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Cooperation in multispecies biofilm formation

Supervisor: Mette Burmølle og Søren Sørensen

CRISPRs on Plasmids: Fight Fire with Fire

Supervisor: Jonas Stenløkke Madsen, Joseph Nesme and Rafael Pinilla

Deep sea viruses: Hadal virus-host system potentially specialized in chitin degradation

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe, Sachia Jo Traving

Deep sea viruses: Isolation of novel virus-host systems from hadal environments

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe, Sachia Jo Traving

Differential gene expression in multispecies biofilm

Supervisor: Mette Burmølle

Horizontal gene transfer - Spread of antibiotic resistance

Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen

Investigating microbial diversity by analysis of distant variable regions of 16S rRNA using MiSeq paired end sequencing

Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen

Marine viruses at hadal depths in deep sea trenches

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe, Sachia Jo Traving

Microbial abundance and diversity in dust samples collected from homes of kids with asthma

Supervisor: Søren Sørensen

Microbial production and uptake of volatile organic compounds

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) and Christian Albers (GEUS)

Name a new parasite!

Supervisor: Rune Stensvold, Laboratory of Parasitology, Statens Serum Institut and Søren Sørensen, Section of Microbiology, UCPH

Nitrogen cycling in arctic ecosystems: at present and in future

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan, Jing Tang

Projects in Genome Evolution

Supervisor: Birgitte Regenberg and/or Guojie Zhang

Social interactions and population structure

Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen og Mette Burmølle

The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of Plantago major and their role in regulating plant defences

Supervisor: Christopher James Barnes and Rasmus Kjøller

The core bacterial genome of fungus-farming termite microbiomes

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen and PhD students Veronica Sinotte and Robert Murphy

The interconnection between biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer

Supervisor: Søren J. Sørensen, Mette Burmølle og Jonas Stenløkke Madsen

Virus-driven reprogramming of bacterial traits

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe