Horizontal gene transfer - Spread of antibiotic resistance

Main area:Microbiology
Target group:Biology, Bioinformatics
Educational level:Masters, Bachelor
Project description:

Increased antibiotic resistance in a wide range of human pathogens is a growing public health threat. This rapid spread of antibiotic resistance genes is mediated by mobile genetic elements like plasmids, which can be rapidly transferred between microorganisms. We study plasmid transfer in various natural environments such as wastewater, soil and animal model systems.

A project may include:
Microcosms / Animal model systems Genetically engineering Fluorescent activated cell sorting Metagenome sequencing Bioinformatic analysis.

Host: Section of Microbiology

Project home page: https://www.bio.ku.dk/english/research/microbiology/
Supervisor(s):  Søren J. Sørensen