Bacterial composition, diversity and function in marine waters - molecular microbiology projects

Main area:Marine biology
Target group:Biology, Bioinformatics
Educational level:Masters, Bachelor
Project description:

Bacteria living in the marine water column are critical for fluxes of all kinds of elements and thereby for the functioning of the ocean. With the application of molecular analyses it has become evident that the bacterioplankton are highly diverse and that there are extensive population dynamics driven by environmental conditions and the functional adaptations of individual bacterial species. In my research group we are interested in identifying the importance of population dynamics for the functioning of the bacterial community. We apply molecular methods like next generation sequencing, PCR, Real-Time PCR, cloning etc. to examine community composition or quantify abundances of particular bacteria or the abundance of their particular functional genes. We work both with in situ samples, experimental incubations, and bacterial isolates and have a variety of ongoing projects related to bacterial community composition and function. We also quantify rates of various processes executed by bacteria and relate this to genetic information. So a variety of Master or Bachelor projects can be designed that link up to our ongoing activities. If this is interesting to you, come by, and let us discuss the many options available. More information about our projects and recent publications may be found at

Methods used:Sequencing, PCR, Real-Time PCR, enzyme activity
Keywords:marine, bacteria, nitrogen fixation, microbiology, molecular biology
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Supervisor(s):  Lasse Riemann