Master projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

Acid/base transport and pH homeostasis in pancreatic cancer

Supervisor: Professor Ivana Novak, Ph.D. student Ganga Deshar

Aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism in the brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) during moderate hypoxia.

Supervisor: Bent Vismann

Aggressive but sustainable bioreactor conversion in ant fungus gardens

Supervisor: Jacobus J. Boomsma, Morten Schiøtt

Ant genomics and social evolution

Supervisor: Guojie Zhang and Joel Vizueta

Antibiotic tolerance: a CryoEM study of a tripartite protein-small ligand complex

Supervisor: YONG ZHANG

Antibiotics-tolerance to multi-drug resistant superbugs: molecular studies

Supervisor: YONG ZHANG

Anti-CRISPR proteins: identification and characterization of their molecular mechanisms in inhibiting CRISPR immunity

Supervisor: Xu Peng

Are eucalypt leaf volatiles inducible?

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO), Elizabeth Neilson (PLEN)

Are modern crop varieties less compatible with their natural symbionts than older ones?

Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller (BIO), Kristian Holst Laursen (PLEN)

ATP signaling in inflammation and cancer

Supervisor: Professor Ivana Novak, Ph.D. student Lara Magni

Bacterial biofilm formation via cyclic di-GMP binding/effector proteins - molecular and mechanical studies

Supervisor: YONG E. ZHANG

Bacterial symbionts of invertebrates living in extreme habitats

Supervisor: Katrine Worsaae, Lasse Riemann

Biodiversity and food webs in arctic lakes

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Biodiversity in afforestation areas

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Biodiversity in wilder urban areas

Supervisor: Lars Båstrup-Spohr and Hans Henrik Bruun

Biogenic volatile organic compounds - release from plants, microbes and ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and others depending on the topic

Biogenic volatile release from decomposing plant leaves across ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and other relevant persons

Bioluminescence in deep sea starfish

Supervisor: Anders Garm

Can global change determine which zooplankton species will dominate in the Arctic?

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Can pollutants like pesticides and micro plastic affect the swimming behavior of Daphnia?

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Capturing the water purification potential of SolarSack

Supervisor: Charlotte F. Michelsen (Solarsack) and Mette Burmølle (Section of Microbiology)

Carbon dioxide levels as defence against infections in fungus-growing termites

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen and postdoc Nick Bos

CENPERM - Center for Permafrost

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme

Chemical Ecology of the birch-moth interaction under climate change

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Climate change effects on arctic plants, ecosystem function and greenhouse gas emission

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Climate change effects on moss-associated N fixation

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Combining CRISPR-based genome editing and synthetic biology for efficient genetic engineering

Supervisor: Xu Peng

Coral research at Department of Biology / Koralforskning ved Biologisk Institut

Supervisor: Michael Kühl

DANIDA-projekt: ClimateSmart African Rice

Supervisor: Max Herzog

Daphnia – the perfect model organism to study implications of environmental pollution

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Deep sea viruses: Hadal virus-host system potentially specialized in chitin degradation

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe, Sachia Jo Traving

Deep sea viruses: Isolation of novel virus-host systems from hadal environments

Supervisor: Mathias Middelboe, Sachia Jo Traving

Designing new enzyme activities de novo

Supervisor: Jakob Winther

Dietary capacity of a termite-associated fungi

Supervisor: Benjamin Conlon and Michael Poulsen

Disease management in farming societies of ants

Supervisor: Jacobus J. Boomsma, Morten Schiøtt, postdocs

Disordered proteins in the ubiquitin-proteasome system

Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Ecotoxicology of soil organisms

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Effect of microbiome composition on plant nutritional status

Supervisor: Nikolaj Lunding Kindtler, Flemming Ekelund, Kristian Holst Laursen

Effects of environmental pollutants on freshwater organisms

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Effects of plant genotype and soil on rhizosphere microbiome

Supervisor: Nikolaj Lunding Kindtler, Flemming Ekelund

Effects of year-round horse grazing in a heterogeneous urban nature reserve

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Enzyme design and evolution

Supervisor: Martin Willemoës

Evolutionary ecology of parasitoid richness

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Exploring feather chemical compounds and their defensive properties of Papua New Guinean birds

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen and Kasun Bodawatta

Flood tolerance of dryland crops

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Freeze-thaw effects on greenhouse gas emission, investigated by on-line concentration and isotope analyses

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Gene expression co-evolution between farming ants and farmed fungal crops

Supervisor: Jacobus J. Boomsma, Morten Schiøtt

Grazing ecology and biodiversity in the forest-grassland ecotone

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Heavy metal effects on moss-associated N fixation

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Heavy metals in fungi

Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller, Flemming Ekelund, Jesper Liengaard Johansen

Historical changes to the plant diversity of Denmark during the past 250 years

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Host specificity of moss-associated cyanobacteria

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

How skin stem cells engage to maintain tissue function in physiology and disease?

Supervisor: Mirna Perez-Moreno

How to behave when you know nothing?

Supervisor: Anders Garm

Invasive species: A threat to nature or a cultural imagination?

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund (Biology) Claus Emmeche (Center for Naturfilosofi og Videnskabsstudier)

Invasive zebra mussel – is it a problem?

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Luciferases - structure, function and biotechnology

Supervisor: Jakob Winther

Microbial consortia that optimize plant growth

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Microbial production and uptake of volatile organic compounds

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) and Christian Albers (GEUS)

Molecular mechanisms behind growth optimization and stress responses in bacteria

Supervisor: Sine Lo Svenningsen and Michael A. Sørensen

Molecular mechanisms underlying cilia-related kidney disease

Supervisor: Lotte Bang Pedersen

Moss-associated nitrogen fixation as an important N input in terrestrial ecosystems

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Moss-cyanobacteria associations: are they mutualists or parasites?

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Nitrogen cycling in arctic ecosystems: at present and in future

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan, Jing Tang

Novel signal transduction components regulating brown adipocyte biology

Supervisor: Jacob B. Hansen

Occupational exposure to microorganisms at wastewater treatment plants and biowaste plants

Supervisor: Mette Burmølle

On the quest to waterproofing crops – submergence tolerance of wheat or rice

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Optimizing water purification by SolarSack

Supervisor: Charlotte F. Michelsen (Solarsack) and Mette Burmølle (Section of Microbiology)

Orchids: which factors determine their distribution?

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller

Oxygen consumption and oxygen debt in the common whelk (Buccinum undatum) during aerial storage.

Supervisor: Bent Vismann

Phenological shifts as a consequence of climate change

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Predicting bacterial evolution in complex biofilm communities

Supervisor: Mette Burmølle and Henriette Røder

Primary cilia and cellular signaling in health and disease

Supervisor: Lotte Bang Pedersen & Søren Tvorup Christensen

Projects in the Microenvironmental Ecology Group / Marine Biology / Microbiology

Supervisor: Michael Kühl

Re-colonization, diversity and ecophysiology of plants following experimental treatments in danish heath

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen (and others depending upon specific content)

Regulated intracellular protein degradation to counter disease

Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Restoration of natural forests

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Salinity tolerance of the invasive Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas).

Supervisor: Bent Vismann

Specialeprojekt for 1-2 personer omkring arbejdsrelateret eksponering for mikroorganismer på spildevands- og bioaffaldsanlæg

Supervisor: Mette Burmølle

Structural destabilization as a trigger for hereditary disease

Supervisor: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen

Structure and function of membrane proteins in detergent-free systems

Supervisor: Henriette Elisabeth Autzen

Submergence-tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivum) - help it cope with future climate changes!

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Targeted screening for antibiotic-producing bacteria associated with fungus-growing termites

Supervisor: Michael Thomas-Poulsen

Targeting membrane repair processes in cancer cells

Supervisor: Martin W. Berchtold

Temporal variation in the feeding habits of individual Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) inferred from stable isotopes in vibrissae

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Termite fungus crops as human food

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen, PhD student Suzanne Schmidt, Postdoc Nick Bos

The core bacterial genome of fungus-farming termite microbiomes

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen and PhD students Veronica Sinotte and Robert Murphy

The lower limit of oxyregulation (Pcrit) at different temperatures in the brown shrimp (Crangon crangon).

Supervisor: Bent Vismann

The moss food web: Interactions between moss, micro and mesofauna

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Kathrin Rousk

The moss microbiome: interactions between mosses and microorganisms

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund and Kathrin Rousk

The thermal window for aerobic scope in shallow water marine invertebrates.

Supervisor: Bent Vismann

Underwater photosynthesis of wheat or rice during submergence

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Urban biodiversity

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Waterproofing crops

Supervisor: Ole Pedersen

Whats on a jelly mind - structure and function of a box jellyfish brain

Supervisor: Anders Garm

Will a wetter High Arctic be greener?

Supervisor: Signe Lett, Anders Michelsen