Projects outside course scope

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

Bacterial biofilm formation via cyclic di-GMP binding/effector proteins - molecular and mechanical studies

Supervisor: YONG E. ZHANG

Biodiversity in afforestation areas

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun

Determination of fish age and growth through otolith growth rings (otoliths)

Supervisor: Kirsten S. Christoffersen

Project in Population Genetics

Supervisor: Søren Rosendahl and/or David Nash

Projects in Behavioural Ecology

Supervisor: Elodie Briefer, Michael Poulsen, Jacobus Boomsma, David Nash, Jonathan Z. Shik

Projects in Biodiversity Genomics

Supervisor: Guojie Zhang, Michael Poulsen and/or Jonathan Z. Shik

Projects in Community Ecology

Supervisor: David Nash, Hans Henrik Bruun, Søren Rosendahl and/or Jonathan Z. Shik

Projects in Conservation Biology

Supervisor: David Nash, Elodie Briefer and/or Hans Henrik Bruun

Projects in Genome Evolution

Supervisor: Birgitte Regenberg and/or Guojie Zhang

Projects in Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Supervisor: Michael Poulsen, Birgitte Regenberg and/or Jonathan Z. Shik

Projects in Social Evolution

Supervisor: Jacobus Boomsma, David Nash, Michael Poulsen and/or Jonathan Z. Shik

Urban biodiversity

Supervisor: Hans Henrik Bruun