The Øresund Aquarium

The Øresund Aquarium (a part of the University of Copenhagen) is a small sea water aquarium with focus on life in the narrow sound Øresund.

The aquarium is situated close to the shore of Øresund at the ‘Nordhavn' in Helsingør. The aquarium offers a unique insigth into the lives of a myriads creatures from shrimps to sharks, the fantastic world, unknown to most people, that unfolds at the bottom of the Danish seas, bays and inlets.


The Øresund Aquarium is a zoological division of the Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Copenhagen. Reseach and teaching in marine fauna are the main fields of the laboratory, and, since 1973, the Øresund Aquarium has been the open window of the Laboratory to the public, displaying marine and aquatic research.

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