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Personal information

  • Danish citizen.
  • Born on: 22nd of April, 1973 in Randers, Denmark.
  • Pivate status: Married, 2 children (in total 30 weeks of paternity leave).

Scientific focus

  • I am interested in understanding RNA based mechanisms involved in the control of cellular processes, in particular those that are related to disease. Currently, I focus on developing sequencing based methods for improving the prediction of RNA structure and accessibility and making it possible to investigate the regulatory potential of many RNA sequences in parallel. Moreover, I want to contribute to the further development of RNA based therapies that utilize our knowledge of RNA based mechanisms.

Professional experience

Associate Professor | 1/2 2011-current | Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

  • Current group: 1 postdoc, 1 PhD students, 2 MSc students and a half time lab technician.
  • Published 5 corresponding author papers, including 2 in NAR and 1 in RNA.
  • Developed method for reducing background in sequencing based RNA probing experiments. Patent application filed by University of Copenhagen.

Assistant Professor | 15/2 2008 -31/1 2011 | Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

  • Main driving force behind the application for and establishment of the Center for Computational and Applied Transcriptomics (COAT) funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research with a 5 million EURO grant.

Postdoc, Arctander Group | 1/2 2005 - 14/2 2008 | Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

  • Was appointed groupleader for the group in the period from 1/9 2006 to 14/2 2008, because professor Arctander became ill.
  • Developed first method for identification of miRNA targets using quantitative proteomics.

Visiting Scientist, Galloway Lab | 1/8 2004 - 31/1 2005 | FHCRC, Seattle, USA.

  • Investigated the influence of Nonsense mediated Decay on HPV-16 oncogene expression.

Postdoc, Norrild Lab | 1/6 2003 – 31/7 2004 | Institute of Molecular Pathology, University of Copenhagen.


Ph.d. in Medicine | 14/5 2003 | Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen

  • Thesis: Influence of the HPV-16 early 3’ UTR on expression of the HPV-16 oncogenes.
  • Supervisor: Bodil Norrild
  • Obtained highly competitive grant for integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. studies from Faculty of Health.

M.Sc. in Human Biology | 14/6 2000 | Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen

  • Thesis: Chartacterisation of the Regulation of the HPV-16 E5 Oncoprotein Expression
  • Supervisor: Bodil Norrild
  • Undergraduate studies: Chemical Engineering (Organic Synthesis specialisation), Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Teaching and supervision experience


  • 4 graduated PhD students: Rukov (2011), Olivarius (2014), Kielpinski (2014), Poulsen (2015), 5 graduated MSc students.


  • Completed the Higher Education Teaching Programme in 2009, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
  • RNA Biology: course responsible from 2010. Redesigned the course. Good evaluations from students and a steady increase in the number of attending students over the years.
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics: Course responsible from 2011. Good evaluations from students and a steady increase in the number of attending students over the years. Course becomes obligatory for Biochemistry students from 2016.
  • In addition I have taught on the following courses:  Bioinformatics of high throughput analyses, Cellebiologi for biokemikere, Evolutionsbiologi.

Management experience and training

Workpackage leader | 2011-current | Center for Computational and Applied Transcriptomics.

  • Member of the Steering committee and involved in the daily management of the center.

Groupleader | 2006-current | Department of Biology, University of Copehagen.

Management training

  • Project Management module 1 (2011), Implement A/S
  • Group Leader Development Program (2009), Implement A/S, Extensive course over 7 full days providing excellent training in how to lead a research group, both focused on practical and more strategic considerations
  • EMBO Lab Management Course (2007), Heidelberg, Germany.

Scientific leadership

  • Editor for: Genetics Research, Cambridge University Press.
  • Reviewer for: Swedish Research Council, ERC Advanced Grants, Canada First Research Excellence Fund, Nature Methods, Nucleic Acids Research, RNA, Trends in Genetics, Oncogene, Molecular Biology and Evolution, PLOS One.
  • In the PhD assessment committee for 6 students (University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University)



  • Reviewed articles: 17, Sum of the Times Cited: 371, h-index: 10 (based on ISI ResearcherID: A-8172-2012).
  • As corresponding author: 3 Nucleic Acids Research, 1 RNA Journal, 1 Trends in Genetics, 1 BMC Genomics, 1 Methods in Enzymology, 1 Methods in molecular biology.
  • 1 Patent application: WO2015021990-A1: Analyzing structure of RNA polynucleotides by allowing for selection of full length cDNA.

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