Available projects with BRG

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Bacterial Growth Rate Regulation and RNA decay
Supervisor(s): Sine Lo Svenningsen and Michael A. Sørensen

Codonbrug og betydningen af hurtigt-translaterede codons for transkription, translation og mRNA stabilitet
Supervisor(s): Steen Pedersen, Sine Lo Svenningsen

E. coli’s tryptophan attenuator – er der noget, vi ikke ved?
Supervisor(s): Steen Pedersen og Sine Lo Svenningsen

Molecular mechanisms behind growth optimization and stress responses in bacteria
Supervisor(s): Sine Lo Svenningsen and Michael A. Sørensen

Requirement for Dam DNA-methyltransferase for the host-range of the Shiga-toxin-encoding bacteriophage 933W.
Supervisor(s): Anders Løbner-Olesen, Sine Lo Svenningsen

The attenuation mechanism for regulating the trp operon of E. coli may have components not described in your textbook
Supervisor(s): Steen Pedersen

Transfer of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens
Supervisor(s): Hanne Ingmer (HI@sund.ku.dk) and Sine Lo Svenningsen (SLS@bio.ku.dk)

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