Luciferases - structure, function and biotechnology

Main area:Protein chemistry
Target group:Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular Biomedicine
Educational level:Masters, Bachelor
Project description:

Luciferases are enzymes that catalyze reactions that result in emission of a photon. The best-known example is probably the light emitted from the Firefly, but also many marine animals have luciferases that confer bioluminescence, possibly involved in communication. We are working with basic and applied aspects of luciferases and are also interested in their biological function.

In spite of luciferases’ broad biotechnological applications and although have been known and characterized for several decades, many aspects of their, mechanism, basic biochemistry and structure are surprisingly poorly understood.

We are interested in recruiting bachelor and master's students to work on projects related to better understanding luciferases and to elucidate their most basic properties as well as biotechnological applications and protein engineering.

It’s cool working with an enzyme that lights up.

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Methods used:Molecular cloning, biophysics, spectroscopy, structure determination, protein purification,
Keywords:Enzyme, Biotech, Protein engineering
Supervisor(s): Jakob Winther