Welcome to the Protein Biology Group (PBG) website

The Protein Biology Group (PBG) is part of the Section for Biomolecular Sciences and is composed of four subgroups with a common interest in protein structure-function relationships. Our aim is to bridge quantitative protein chemistry and cell biology by strong research within the fields of protein folding, protein-protein interactions and protein quality control in the cell. The overriding themes in our research portfolio are:

  • Proteasome-mediated protein degradation
  • Structure-function relationships of transcription factors
  • Protein interaction and calorimetry
  • Disulfide bond reactions in the eukaryotic cytosol and endoplasmic reticulum
  • Protein Design

The PBG is characterized by numerous collaborations between the individual PI’s and the sharing of equipment and facilities. The close teamwork is further nourished by bi-weekly seminars with both internal and external speakers and coworkers. We have close ties to a number of domestic and international collaborators in both academia and the industry.

Research in PBG

The research in the Protein Biology Group targets proteins in their interaction with their native environments in the cells. The topics investigated include protein degradation, protein biosynthesis, signaling and enzymology.

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For students

We offer a range of different phd projects, often in collaboration with international academic coworkers or industrial domestic partners. As a phd student you are accepted into the phd school at the Faculty of Science and become part of the phd program in Protein Science. Please apply directly with the individual principal investigators.

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