Bacterial selection systems for protein optimization

Welcome to the Winther Group

My scientific work is focused on basic aspects of protein chemistry and using molecular biology and molecular genetics to understand structure-function relationships in proteins. We are mainly interested in protein engineering and design. We have developed genetic and other high-throughput screening methods as well as improved methods for deep mutational scanning.

I collaborate with a large number of people from both industry and academia and enjoy applying my knowledge in new areas. If you are interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact me. You can read more about my ongoing projects here.

I have significant experience with teaching and student supervision and allways have projects on hand. If you are interested in studyig or working in my group read more about projects here and positions here.  

ACS Editors Choice

ACS Editors ChoiceA recent publication from the Linderstrøm-Lang Centre hosted at the Section for Biomolecular Sciences has been selected as Editors Choice by the American Chemical Society. The paper describes the design and production of a soluble protein without any charged amino acid residues.

Read the paper here or

Read a popularized description here (danish)