Intrinsically disordered proteins represents a paradigm shift in protein biology

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The main focus of our research is gene regulatory networks and the importance of protein structure and function to the networks. More specifically, we study gene regulation mediated by specific transcription factors and the function of protein intrinsic disorder in the networks. In our studies, we integrate a number of methods from protein chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. We have a strong collaboration with groups within and outside the Department of Biology both in academia and industry. Read more about my research and collaborations here.  

I have supervised many students, and I am always interested in discussing new projects with potential students or coworkers. Read more about how to join my lab here.

Atlas of Science

Atlas of ScienceA recent publication from the Linderstrøm-Lang Centre hosted at the Section for Biomolecular Sciences has been selected for publication in Atlas of Science. The paper describes how short intrinsically disordered protein regions, socalled SLIMs, can mediate protein-protein interactions in plant stress response regulation.

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