Lars Ellgaard

Welcome to the Ellgaard lab website! Here, you’ll find information about ongoing research, the group, positions and how to contact us (use the links to the right to navigate). There is also a page dedicated to former members of the lab.

For some years now our main topic of research has been oxidative protein folding (the formation of disulfide bonds in newly synthesized proteins) and redox regulation in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of mammalian cells. Another important focus of our work is the process termed ER-associated degradation (ERAD), i.e. the mechanism whereby proteins that misfold in the ER are degraded. The last research area in our lab is the production and development of disulfide-rich cone snail peptides (conopeptides) as research tools and drug leads. Find a more detailed overview of our research interests and current work here.

We use mammalian tissue-culture cells as a model system and a variety of biochemical and cell biological methods, supported by molecular biology and bioinformatics. Specifically, we aim to combine structure-function analysis performed on purified proteins with studies of the same proteins in their natural environment in living cells. A number of our ongoing projects take place in collaboration with both Danish and international research groups.

Our group has close scientific (and social) interactions with the rest of the Protein Biology Group and the Section for Biomolecular Sciences. Contact Lars if you are interested in our work – we always welcome applications to join the lab.


November 2019
We have Master's projects available - click here

September 2019
New review on non-lysine ubiquitination published in Open Biology

August 2019
Congratulations to Ana (former PhD student) on her new job at Evaxion!

April 2019
New paper out in JBC on the unexpected granulin-like structure of the H-Vc7.2 conotoxin

Recent publications