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The Protein Design and Enzymology Group (PDE) is part of the Section for Biomolecular Sciences and focuses on understanding how the primary protein structure (the sequence of aminoacid residues) relates to the 3-D structure and function. The overriding themes in our research portfolio are:

  • Protein Design
  • Protein Dynamics
  • Protein Evolution
  • Protein Function

ACS Editors Choice

ACS Editors ChoiceA recent publication from the Linderstrøm-Lang Centre hosted at the Section for Biomolecular Sciences has been selected as Editors Choice by the American Chemical Society. The paper describes the design and production of a soluble protein without any charged amino acid residues.

Read the paper here or

Read a popularized description here (danish)

The Linderstrøm-Lang Centre

The Linderstrøm-Lang Centre for Protein Science focus on the new horizons of protein science and annually hosts the Linderstrøm-Lang Symposium.

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