Random coil chemical shifts for intrinsically disordered proteins

Alex Maltsev has kindly coded a Javascript that automatically calculates the sequence-corrected random coil chemical shifts of a protein, while taking the effects of pH and temperature into consideration. The backbone chemical shifts are based peptide studies in SBiNLab [1,2]. The dataset is designed for intrinsically disordered proteins (also know as natively unfolded proteins), but should work equally well for folded proteins or denatured proteins. The javascript for calculation of backbone random coil chemical shifts can be found here. Random coil chemical shifts for methyl groups obtained by similar methods can be obtained from [3]. For a discussion of the various different random coil chemical shift datasets see section 2.1 in [4].

Note: Table 3 in [2] contains a typo. The pKa values for His is 1.5 x 10-7.


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