PhD in Protein Science

At the Section for Biomolecular Sciences we are dedicated to the education of new PhDs via the Faculty of Science PhD School. The research at the section is in the interface between biochemistry, cell biology, physics, chemistry and computational sciences, and investigates basic questions in relation to protein folding and degradation, regulation of transcription and translation, and enzyme mechanism and function. Moreover, protein design is a recently established research focus.

We strive to promote the education of highly qualified and independent young researchers. The group leader generally acts as the project supervisor (often with at least one section member as an additional mentor), and supports and advises the student during the research period. The progress on the project is evaluated at half year intervals. Advanced courses are offered throughout the studies. Graduates typically find jobs in the pharmaceutical industry or academia. 

The program has a strong international focus, and students are encouraged to undertake short and longer-term visits abroad with our collaborators. Moreover, internationally renowned scientists are recruited as censors at phd-exams.  

•  Presently the section hosts 25-30 PhD students in addition to co-financed projects with industrial partners and students enrolled at other KU faculties.

•  The practical training includes a wide variety of biochemical and cell biological methods, biophysical techniques including structure determination by NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, as well as structural bioinformatics.

•  The theoretical training includes Protein Science Summer Schools with participation of a number of international lecturers (See previous schools here). Moreover, the phd-students in the program organize a biannual PhD-day together with students from other departments in the Copenhagen area. This is supplemented with various established seminar series.

All students are admitted through the Faculty of Science PhD School. If you are interested in joining the Section for Biomolecular Sciences as a PhD student you are wellcome to contact the individual supervisors directly.