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Travel information


The Island of Spetses,
Spetses Hotel
180 50 Spetses Island,
Tel. +30 298 72602

To Athens Airport 

You have to book and pay for your flight ticket and the travel expenses to and from the Island of Spetses yourself.

Please book your ticket to Athens Airport as soon as possible - it is important that you reach Athens as early in the day as possible because travel from Athens to Spetses may take up to 4-5 hours. (Athens-Piraeus 1-2 hours and Piraeus-Spetses 2-3 hours).

The Summer school is held at Spetses Hotel where all the lecturers and students will be accommodated.

From Athens Airport to Piraeus ZEA Harbour

Athens new airport is located 27 km northeast of Athens. Boats leave from Piraeus, the satellite port city of Athens, positioned south of Athens. Traveling time from Athens to Piraeus is around 1 1/2-2 hours by bus and between 1- 1 1/2 hours by taxi, depending on the traffic. From Athens Airport the bus X96 takes you to Piraeus (cost: 3.2 €). 

You can also take a taxi to Piraeus. The taxi queue starts from Door 3 of the Arrivals Level. The cost is ca. 25 €. Please note that you normally pay a little more for your luggage than is stated on the meter.

Another possibility is to go by Metro . It takes 60 minutes from the airport to Piraeus (price: 6 €).

To and from the Island of Spetses

Hellenic Seaways is a shipping company with departures from Piraeus to Spetses.

The company has two types of vessels: Flying Dolphin and Flying Cat which are both high speed vessels. The time of sailing is app. 2 hours. The price for a one way ticket is 37 €.

Reservations can be made online.

From the harbor to the hotel

The main harbor is called Dapia and Spetses Hotel is situated about 800 meters from it. You can get there by: water taxi: ca. 12 €, taxi: ca. 6 €, horse buggy: ca. 6 €, foot: 0 €.

A water taxi takes up to around 8-10 people. The water taxis are very close to the hydrofoils and they sail directly to the pier of the Spetses Hotel. The taxis (cars) park at the beginning of the pier to the boats. The horse buggies, which take up to four people - or two people with luggage - are parked by the harbor in front of the Posidonion Hotel.