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Freshwater Biology Section

The section consists of a single research group, Freshwater Ecology, which focuses on research in:

  • Lakes
  • Streams and wetlands
  • Coastal areas

The section has been based in Hillerød since 1908, but moved May 2013 to Copenhagen.

The history of the Section for Freshwater Biology dates back to 1897 and this research unit is the only university-based freshwater institution in Denmark. The present freshwater biological research facility has existed since 1929 and is founded on strong scientific traditions. Our research answers basic questions in the fields of patterns in biological diversity, adaptations of organisms in relation to their environment and to the structure and function of whole aquatic ecosystems. The Section for Freshwater Biology is thus among the worlds’ leading institutions in the fields of:

  • Microbial transformation of organic matter and biogeochemical processes related to aquatic organisms and ecosystems
  • Ecology and physiology of aquatic organisms using contemporary methods and innovative micro-sensor techniques.
  • Predicting the distribution of species, communities and biodiversity from mechanistic eco-physiological experiments and environmental data.
  • Influence of altered local and global climate, land use and eutrophication on ecosystem quality and processes applying automatic monitoring systems and ecosystem modeling
  • Description of biodiversity, food chain interactions and ecosystem responses to extreme conditions (i.e. arctic or alpine environments).


The Section for Freshwater Biology enjoys fruitful collaboration with, among others, the following partners from universities and research institutions within the public sector:

And from trade and industry: