Completed projects

Completed Ph.D. Projects

In the early eighties research training was organized as licentiate programmes leading to the lic.scient. degree and usually financed through university grants. Later research training was given more emphasis and the Ph.D. title was introduced in 1987. That was followed by a reform prescribing courses and teaching experience to be included in the 3 year programme. The university funded only few of the students in microbiology, most were supported by biotechnology research centers, research council projects or Nordic and EU research programmes.

Zhuofeng Yu (2022) The wastewater plasmidome and its derived resistome: insight into their dynamics in the urban water system.
Nan Yang
(2022) Microbe-plant Interactions: Impact of bacterial interactions and multispecies biofilms on plant growth and drought tolerance.
Qinqin Wang (2022) The maintenance and spread of cooperative antibiotic resistance.
Shashank Gupta
(2021) The human microbiome: one step forward.
Sally Mohamed Attia
(2020) Patterns and Processes of the Microbiome Assembly at a Small-Scale of the Plant Root Microenvironments. Study case on the Wheat and Faba Bean Root Systems.
Rafael Pinilla-Redondo
(2020) Plasmids, CRISPR-Cas and Anti-CRIPSRs. Uncovering the secret lives of mobile genetic elements
Nanna Mee Coops Olsen
(2019) Interactions in Biofilm Communities.
Xuanji Li
(2019) Microbial communities of animal models and their impact on health.
Shaodong Wei (2019) Characterization of host associated microbiota under influencing factors
A case study on human gut and Brachypodium root.
Dingrong Kang
(2019) Novel Perspective on Valorization of Keratinous Materials using Microbial Consortia.
Jakob Russel
(2018) Interactions in Microbial Community Assembly.
Prem Krishnan Raghupathi
(2018) Impact of free living protozoa and bacterial interactions on multispecies biofilm.
Urvish Trivedi
(2018) Social Dynamics and adaptive strategies in microbial communities.
Morten Dencker Schostag
(2017) Living in the cold – Microbial community and function dynamics in Arctic soils at changing temperatures.
Henriette Lyng Røder
(2017) Co-existence in multispecies biofilm communities.
Wenzheng Liu
(2017) Interplay of bacterial interactions and spatial organisation in multispecies biofilms.
Asker Brejnrod
(2017) Bioinformatics for discovery of microbiome variation.
Jakob Herschend
(2017) Unravelling the mechanisms of bacterial interactions in model communities.
Martin Steen Mortensen (2016) The human microbiota in early life: Initial colonization and development.
Inês Nunes
(2016) Coping with Stress: Exploring the use of RNA-based approaches for the study of soil microbial communities.
Jonas Stenbæk
(2015) Bio-sustainable control of the blue stain fungi Aureobasidium pullulans on exterior wood coatings.
Tue Sparholt Jørgensen
(2015) The mobilome and microbiome of rat gut
Wenting Luo (2015) The soil mobilome: A direct approach to study plasmid-encoded functional responses to long-term copper contamination
Michael Roggenbuck (2014)The characterization and manipulation of
the reticulated microbiome in vertebrates
Lea Benedicte Skov Hansen
(2014) Exploring microbial communities; composition, interactions and application
Jonas Stenløkke Madsen
(2014) Sociomicrobiology – bacterial interactions and biofilm formations
Dawei Ren
(2014) Synergistic interactions in multispecies biofilms
Peter Holmsgaard (2013) Second generation sequencing for elucidating the diversity of bacteria in soil
Lasse Bergmark (2013) Soil bacterial community responses to global changes
Luisa Lundin (2013) Live and let die: Effects of physiological stress on viability and composition of bacterial communities in complex environments
Shanshan Han
(2013) Response of Escherichia coli to nutrient availability during cultivation at single cell level
Merian Haugwitz
(2013) Soil fungal community responses to global changes
Lars Behrendt
(2013) Microenvironmental and molecular ecology of the cyanobacteria Pochloron and Acaryochloris
Lili Li
(2012) Mobilome-The communal gene pool of bacteria
Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup
(2011) Aspects of cellulose degradation by brown rot fungi Involvement of enzymatic and non-enzymatic decay processes including oxalic acid regulation and metal sequestering
Lars Liengaard Holten Møller (2011) Emission of N2O in the Pantanal Nitrogen cycling in seasonallu flooded wetland soil
Anette Møller (2010) Identification and characterization of Mercury resistant Bacteria from the High Arctic
Pernille Hasse Busk Poulsen (2010) Examination of microbial diversity and function in waste amended soil and chitin amended compost
Anders Norman (2009) Genetic characterization of IncX plasmids of enterobacteriaceae
Gunnar Øregård (2008) Bacteria in mercury contaminated in soils and horizontal gene transfer
Martin Iain Bahl (2007) Dynamics of conjugative plasmids in bacterial populations
Stig Rønhede (2007) Fungal degradation of phenyl urea herbicides
Mette Burmølle (2006) Bacterial interactions in biofilm and soil ecology
Sebastian Reinhold Sørensen (2002) Metabolism of phenylurea compounds by indigenous bacteria from aquifer chalk, agricultural soil and stream sediment
Helle Johannesen (2002) Microbial degradation of herbicides aged in soil or aquifer sediments
Laila Thirup (2002) Succession and diversity of soil bacteria around roots affected by bacterial and chemical fungicides
Julia R. de Lipthay (2001) Acclimation of natural microbial communities to phenoxyalcanoic acid herbicides
Anders R. Johnsen (2001) Bacterial PAH-degraders: Their ecological strategies, occurrence and in situ phylogeny
Michael Andersson (2001) Effects of ore on soil microbiological processes and emissions of nitrous oxide in African savannahs
Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (2000) Construction and use of whole-cell biosensors sensitive to tetracycline and mercury
Lise Larsen (2000) Degradation of herbicides in groundwater under different redox conditions
Gitte Sengeløv (1999) Factors affecting bacterial conjugation in natural environments
Sabine Ravnskov (1998) Interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and saprotrophic microorganisms in soil
Lasse Dam Rasmussen (1998) The effect of mercury on the heterotropic, functional and genetic diversity of soil bacterial communities, and the detection of bioavailable mercury using mer-lux biosensor
Morten Miller (1998) An enzymic approach in soil microbial ecology With special emphasis on fungal presence and activity
Jakob Møller (1997) Nitrous oxide from soil
Susanne H. Eriksen (1995) Uptake and incorporation of side-chain precursors for penicillin by Penicillinium chrysogenum
Thomas D. Leser (1995) Ecology of microbial populations released into the environment
Jens Chr. Pedersen (1993) Microbial autecology - Detection and survival of Enterobacter cloacae in the terrestrial environment
Sigrid Andersen (1992) Horisontal genoverførsel i mikrobielle miljøer eksemplificeret ved antibiotikaresistens plasmider
Søren J. Sørensen (1992) Horisontal gen-spredning i akvatiske miljøer samt overlevelse af Escherichia coli K12 i havvand
Jens Aamand (1992) Mikrobiel omdannelse af chlorerede aliphater under forskellige redoxforhold
Susanne Bennetzen (1992) Termophil anaerob dechlorering af pentachlorphenol
Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen (1991) Mikrobiel økologi i grundvandsmiljøer
Jens Tørslev (1991) Interaktioner mellem kemiske stoffer i industrispildevand og perkolat
Torben Madsen (1991) Mikrobiel nedbrydning af chlorphenoler under anaerobe forhold
Carsten S. Jacobsen (1991) Introduktion af specifikke bakterier til jord, detektion og overlevelse ved 2,4-D nedbrydning
Bo Jensen (1988) En undersøgelse af sammenhæng mellem differentiering, metabolisme og extracellulær proteinudskillelse hos den termofile svamp Thermomyces lanuginosus, med sigte på regulering og optimering af amylaseudskillelsen
Thomas Jacobsen (1988) Undersøgelse af myceliesvampen Geotrichum candidums lipaseudskillelse
Palle Lindegaard (1987) Metoder til undersøgelse af nedbrydeligheden af organiske stoffer i stofblandinger
Peter Westermann (1986) Anaerob respiration i tempererede neutrale sumpe
Birgitte Ahring (1986) Thermophil anaerob omsætning af kortkædede fedtsyrer
Søren Christensen (1985) Bakteriel denitrifikation i dyrket jord

Completed Master Projects

More than 200 students have obtained a cand scient (masters) degree in microbiology since the department was established in the 1970es. Many students have conducted their laboratory work at institutions or laboratories outside the University with a supervisor at the department.
From 2008 when the new Biologisk institut is established, microbiology courses and research will continue in the research group for Molecular microbial ecology.

Zhuang Gong (2022) Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Method-optimization of the Exogenous Plasmid Isolation.
Lisa Ahrens  (2022) Isolation of antibiotic resistant bacteria from biogas digester under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
Marie Helene Munck Jørgensen
(2022) Prevalence and selection of antimalarial drug resistance markers after implementation of seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) in children from Mali.
Amanda Sofie Seger Jakobsen
(2022) Investigation into the dynamics of amyloids in biofilm
Michael Widdowson (2022) Investigating the environmental distribution of phage inducible chromosomal islands.
Sophus Victor Hoffmann
(2022) Metagenomic analysis of fungi in thawing permafrost soil from Northeastern Greenland.
Andreas Kvist
(2022) Scrutinizing the PA14 Genome for Genes Restricting the Uptake of Self-transmissible Plasmids using Transposon Directed Insertion-site Sequencing (TraDIS).
Vanessa Dahl
(2021) E. coli strains from the gut microbiome of infants differ in antibiotic resistance gene profile and associates with mothers’ antibiotic use at birth.
Magnus Rune Delcomyn
(2021) Collaborome construction based on metabolic similarity and co-occurrence among gut bacteria negatively correlated with asthma development in Danish children.
Niamh Lacy-Roberts
(2021) Molecular Piracy of Orphan Cas Proteins by Anti-CRISPRs.
Victor Carp Kofoed (2021) Induced systemic resistance against root-knot nematodes by Bacillus strains Bl CH200 and Bs CH201
Mads Andreasen
(2021) CRISPR-Cas type IV-A3 systems, and the plasmids that carry them.
Jonas Grooss Iversen
(2021) Efforts in validating the Endopep-MALDI-TOF procedure for the detection of active BoNT in human serum samples.
Jonas Ausum Agergaard (2021) Biocontrol potential of beneficial Bacillus strains against tomato disease.
Benjamin Scheel
(2020) Effect of drying and rewetting cycles on SOM degradation in German and Danish soils.
Rune Overlund Stannius
(2020) Role of staphyloxanthin in single- and multi-species bacterial communities.
Poul Kari Madsen
(2020) Subjecting Bacteria to the Extremes of Mars.
Camilla Bülow Hansen
(2020) Molecular characterization and epidemiology of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 8 in Denmark.
Marcus Munch Grünewald (2020) Investigating the Effect of Co-culturing Bacillus Strains with Lactic Acid Bacteria Starter Cultures in Milk.
Isabella Dahl (2020) Establishment of Galleria mellonella as an animal model for testing Mycobacterium abscessus infection
Theis V. Thomsen
(2020) Alterations in an Arctic tundra soil transcriptomic microbiome caused by desiccation.
Peter Nørgaard Gudbergsen
(2019) Microbial function and community dynamics in thawing permafrost soil.
Nicholas Ljungstrøm Duus
(2019) Hunting for Perchlorate-Reducing Extremophiles Fit for Mars in the Atacama Desert and McMurdo Dry Valleys.
Jonas Bylov Hedegaard Andersen
(2019 )Selection For Growth Conditions Maximizing The Production of Toxin A and B by Clostridioides difficile.
Sarah Camara Wilpert (2019) Development of a CRISPR-Cas9 based tool to remove natural plasmids from their natural hosts.
Ane Brødsgaard og Bertram Kleinert (2019)Development and method-optimization for the investigation of antibiotic resistance genes in the wastewater microbiome.
Seul Yi
(2019) Mineralization of phenoxy herbicide MCPA by Sphingomonas sp. PM2 and expression of its functional gene tfdC towards different MCPA concentrations and starvation terms.
Trine Mariager
(2019) Microbial communities on arctic shrub leaves and their effect on volatile emission.
Regitze Renee Pedersen
(2019) Growth and Biofilm properties of Borrelia ssp.
Nana McBean Andersen (2019) Investigating HGT frequency of a wastewater system utilising a quantitative approach combining exogenous plasmid isolation and FACS.
Nathalie Nina Suhr Eiris Henriksen
(2019) Directed Evolution in a Co-culture Biofilm to Develop Phenotypic Traits of Lactic Acid Bacteria
Nynne Nielsen
(2019) Predicting dual-species biofilm interactions using simple mathematical models: A case study on interspecies interactions with Listeria monocytogenes.
Linea Breinholt Schou
(2019) Shared antibiotic resistance and dissemination of public good genes via conjugative plasmids in E. coli.
Marco Prevedello
(2019 ) Characterization of microbial structure and function in an industrial anaerobic granular sludge reactor.
Asmus Kalckar Olesen
(2018) Fluorescent Reporter Genes to Track Plasmid Mediated Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Wastewater Microbiome.
Kamille Dam Clasen
(2018) Investigating the transfer frequency of ESBL-resistance in an urban wastewater system utilising a quantitative approach combining exogenous plasmid isolation and FACS.
Mads Frederik Hansen
(2018) Effects of Quorum Sensing and Prophages on Biofilm Formation, Phage Sensitivity and Competition in Isogenic Populations of Vibrio anguillarum.
Martin Korsner Christensen
(2018) Elucidating the role of Staphylococcus aureus TIR-domain protein (TirS) in the pathogen  survival within host cells.
Juan Manuel Medina Méndez
(2018) A study of plasmid-bacterial associations in microbial communities.
Jan Erik Strøbech
(2018) Bacillus subtilis based cell-free protein synthesis for enzyme discovery from environmental DNA.
Signe Agnete Møller
(2018) The combined effect of tombramycin and hyperbaric oxygen treatment on biofilm-growing Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Jacqueline Løvgreen Hersing
(2018) Analysis of the moving bed biofilm reactor at Kalundborg Utility - 16S rRNA sequencing of the bacterial community and pilot-scale optimization.
Ida Elisabeth Bruhn Hemmingsen
(2018) Nutrient availability, priority effects and spatial organisation in a four-species biofilm model.
Julie Lindschouw
(2018) Genetic and epidemiological investigation of the vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium clone ST203-CT859 in Denmark.
Andrea Qvortrup
(2018) The microbial community affecting Drosophilia Melongaster developmental time investigated by 16S rRNA sequencing and whole-genome sequencing of bacterial isolates.
Christian Anders Birkedal Olsen
(2018) Legacy effect of soil winter temperature on soil microbial responses to freeze-thaw.
David Wilczek Ahrenkiel
(2017) Impact of quorum sensing deficiency on antibiotic tolerance and metabolic activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms and aggregates.
Eva Baggesgaard Sterndorff
(2017) Bacterial Growth in Textile.
Stig Lundsgaard Josephsen
(2017) A computational approach to an in-depth analysis of a structural element of the SCCmec cassette of MRSA
Maj Holm Christensen
(2017) Development of an ELISA for detection of IgM and IgG antibodies present in human serum against Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Mie Kristina Verfailles
(2017) Monitoring the dynamics of nfxB mutator P. aeruginosa biofilm populations exposed to ciprofloxacin and azithromy.
Anders Meyer Torp
(2017) Investigation of Kocuria varians G23 biofilm formation and spatial dispersal.
Jack George
(2017) Multi-species biofilm succession explored through meta-proteomics.
Nor Balder Thane Christensen
(2017) Moss associated N2 fixation exposed to warming manipulations in a low Arctic wet tundra ecosystem.
Pia Agerlund Pedersen
(2017) The effect of freeze-thaw cycles on nitrogen fixation in moss-associated cyanobacteria.
Lisbeth Simonsen
(2017) Microbial succession and nitrogen-fixation along the chronosequence of a receding glacier in West Greenland.
Elizabeth Mary Dent
(2017) Impacts and similarities between drying-rewetting and freezing-thawing events on nutrient cycling.
Michala Falk Andersen
(2017) Tagging of bacteria with fluorecent markers for studies of spatial organization in dual-species biofilms
Bastian Peter Pedersen
(2017) Quantification of Lactococcus lactis in milk and the stress response to temperature as observed by flow cytometri (in cooperation with Christian Hansen A/S)
Oliver Lykke Honoré
(2017) Characterization of proteolytic mutants of Lactobacillus helveticus mutants: Linking phenotype to genotype (In cooporation with Christian Hansen A/S)
Jonas Oftebro-Svendsen
(2016) Effects of rugosity and cocultivation with Paenibacillus amylolyticus on plasmid uptake in Xanthomonas retroflexus.
Miriam Antonia Charlotte Helbig
(2016) Changes im microbial activity due to thawing of permafrost from Peary Land, Greenland, under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
Theresa Brown
(2016) Within-Host Evolution in bloodstream Infections with Enterococcus faecalis (in cooperation with SSI).
Camilla Adler Sørensen
(2016) Investigation of Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Pathogenesis and Interaction with the Complement System (in cooperation with SSI).
Rafael Pinilla Redondo
(2016) Study of Plasmid transfer in the human gut microbiota through the use of a plurescence reporter-gene technology.
Nana Alexandra Davids
(2016) The implication of type III fimbriae and the heat resistant clpK-containing locus on the survival of a nosocomial isolate of Escherichia coli.
Maria Rebsdorf
(2016) Adaptive strategies in a changing environment
- an experimental evolution study on Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Sanne Wolff
(2016) Peptoid interferes with virulence expression in Staphylococcus Aureus.
Cecilie Christiansen
(2015) A mouse model for chronic fungal and polymicrobial ostemyelitis.
Milena Gonzalo Kinzbruner
(2015) Bioconversion of Keratin wastes from pig slaughterhouses into high quality feed using synthetic microbial consortia.
Ione Aramburuzabala
(2015) Asthma is related to gut microbiota establishment and development during childhood.
Jakob Russel
(2015) Biotic Interactions and Succession of the Infant Gut Microbiome.
Ida Thalsø-Madsen
(2015) Plasmid stability in structured and unstructured environments.
Steffen Hansgaard Thyrrestrup
(2015) Bacteria isolated from food processing environmentfacilitate the prevalence of opportunistic foodborne pathogens in multi-species biofilms.
Chrysoula Dimopoulou
(2015) Bacterial IS-related transposases.An improved method of annotation and a study of their dynamics and distribution.
Jeanne Williams
(2015) The intestinal microbiome in children
-A longitudinal study of factors affecting the microflora in a cohort of Danish children
June Lissa Hansen
(2014) Investigation of cytotoxicity of clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains.
Christina Balle
(2014) Analysis of human microbiomes and a prospective model system - paving the way for future health.
Mathilde Borg Dahl
(2014) Effects of increased warming and shading on soil fungi in Arctic.
Ole Hylling
(2014) Effect of plasmidborne diguanylate cyclase and phoshodiesterase on host c-di-GMP levels, curli formation, biofilm formation and motility.
Nanna Mee Coops Olsen
(2014) Evaluation of bacteriophage endolysins and other anti-biofilm agents against biofilm of Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus in static and dynamic models.
Louise von
Bülow(2014) Characterization of factors involved in Staphylococcus aureus aggregation
Steffen Lynge Jørgensen
(2013) Characterization of Escherichia coli isolates causng catheter associated urinary tract infection
Toke Andreasen
(2013) Tawving permafrost- bacterial community response and greenhousegass release under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Peter Novotny
(2013) Sequencing, assembly and annotation of the yeast genome Debaryomyces hansenii isolated from Danish cheese
Thomas Darwin Curtis
(2013) Plasmid 2.0: New molecular methods for isolating and studying plasmids
Patrick Munk
(2013) A characterization of Staphylococcus aureus planktonic aggregates- with emphasis on gene expression and virulence regulation
Anne Lærke Mahler
(2013) Sammenhæng mellem bakteriel flora i fostervand og udvikling af astma samt undersøgelse af resistensgenen hos børn født vaginalt og ved kejsersnit
Lisette Larsen
(2013) The MPCA-degrading Sphingomonas sp. MP2; Growth characterization, adherence and biofilm formation in co-cultures and immobilization in trehalose
Hasan Arsin
(2013) The production of PNGase F in Bacillus subtilis and study of its effects on milk peotwins
Mathis Hjort Hjelmsø
(2013) Effectsof pesticides on the quantity and community composition of agricultural soil bacteria
Asker Daniel Brejnrod
(2013 ) Development and application of software for analysing microbial ecology Next generation sequencing data
Rie Jønsson
(2013) Characterization of a novel adhesion in enteroaggregative E. coli
Rebecca Emilie Sharp
(2013) Growth characterization and mineralization kinetics of two Sphingomanas spp., Including a pilot study on immobilized strains
Frederik Lyduck
(2013) Den hæmmende effekt af udvalgte emulgatorer og frie fede syrer på skimmelsvampene Aureobasidium pullulans, Alternaria alternate og Ulocladium atrum.
Tue Kjærgaard Nielsen
(2013) The genetic tolbox of Sphingomonas sp. ERG5 for MCPA degradation
Carina Vinther Hansen
(2013) Characterization of three different isolates of Sphingomonas sp., regarding properties involved in persistence, performance and distribution in a sand filter.
Henriette Røder
(2013) Conjugative plasmids in biofilm - a look into the role and spresd of plasmids in biofilms
Urse Sheel Kruger
(2013) Mineralization of liw consentrations of the herbicide MCPA in liquid culture and sand fiter materials by single strains and novel constructed co-cultures
Trine Østergaard jensen
(2013) Analysis of oxalic acid and oxalate decarboxylase and transformation of oalate decarboxylase and oxaloacetylhydrolase brown rot fungus Gleoephyllum trabeum
Troels Ronco
(2012) Restriction modification systems in Staphylococcus aureus
Mads Dahl
(2012) A multidiciplinary investigation of initial biofilm formation in saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquarinum
Torben Grotkjær
(2012) A multidiciplinary investigation of initial biofilm formation in saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquarinum
Dominik Wessely
(2012) Gram-positive bacteria with antifungal properties isolated from Southern Greenland
Aviaja Zenia Edna Lyberth Hauptmann
(2012) Amplicon sequencing for the MetaExplore project: 16S and IncP plasmids
Kirstine Dyrnum
(2012) Diazotrophic actvity and abundance in temperate heathland
Lea Mette Madsen
(2012) Put & Pot Pneumococcus (Streptococcus) pneumoniae Urine/oral Test
Nina Heric
(2012) Screening of antimicrobial drugs' effect on plasmid stability and gene transfer in bacteria
Julia Madelung
(2012) A high-throughput screening assay for testing of drugs with impact on plasmid stability
Stefan Morberg Melani
 (2011) Horisontal genoverførsel i hospital spildevand
Elin Djurhuus Joensen (2011) Markers for host association The campylobacter jenuni glycome
Christian Munck(2011) Investigation of the bacterial population in air samples from a conventional Danish swine farm
Karen Dam (2010) Host specificity of erm-genes
Jonas Stenløkke Madsen (2010) A study on variations in conjugal receptiveness and biofilm promoting plasmids inEscherichia coli
Sara Bentzon-Tilia (2010) Synthetic Microbiology From simple constructs to complex molecular parasites
Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia (2010) Synthetic Microbiology From simple constructs to pomplex molecular parasites
Peter Nebelong (2010)
Lasse Pedersen (2010) Nye metoder til genmanipulation af udvalgte jordbakterier
Peter Nikolaj Holmsgaard (2009) A study of extraction of bacteria from soil
Karoline Nolsø Aaen (2009) The potential threst of copper pollution to soil health and rice plant growth inthe Mekong delta of Vietman
Jahangir Ayub (2009) Monitoring population dynamics of lactic acid bacteria in mesophilic dairy starter cultures
Anja Lund (2009) Direct detection of horizontal gene transfer ofan IncP-1plasmid in the gut of conventional rats
Brian R. Nielsen (2009) Analysis of virulence factora by genetic manipulation of Staphylococcus aureus
Christina Storm (2009) Prevalance of Escherichia coli in manure amended soil and lettuce
Lasse Bergmark (2009) Quantification of oppertunistic pathogenic bacteria in soil
Nina Christiansen (2009) Mechanisms of fluoroquinone resistence in Escherichia coil
Roi Hammershaimb Christiansen (2009) Bacteriophag and host interaction in a multispecies biofilm
Peter Christian Risager (2009) The same as above
Marianne Kjeldsen (2009) Molecular differentiation of the species within the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
Dorte Bek (2009) The same as above
Thomas Andersen (2009) Influence of pre-adaption to inorganic acid and in vitro digestion of Listeria minicytogenes strains on susvival and infection of Caco-2 cells
Thomas Michael Pedersen (2008) Udvikling af optisk densitetsbaseret vækstassay til måling af fitnes i Staphylococcus aureus samt måling af fitnes i kliniske historiske isolater af Staphylococcus aureus
Jens Krarup Ockelmann (2008) Ekstremofile svampe i terrestriske biofilm
Karen Marie Forman Jacobsen (2008) Bovint serum amyloid A, Isoform 3: Oprensning fra mælk og biologisk karakterisering
Jonas Stenbæk (2008) Sekensering og ekspression af oxalat decarboxylase i brinmuldsdannebde svampe
Mikael Skaaning Jørgensen (2008) A study of ESBLs and AmpC-type betalactamases associated with E. coli and Salmonella spp.
Rikke Dollas Bergenholz (2008) the same as above
Mamoud Abdulla Jabir (2008) Hydrogen and methane production and biomass estimation in the wild type of the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Laila Kjærulff Johansen (2008) Prebiotics and the human microbiota
Jesper Boye Nielsen (2008) Real-time PCR quantification of VTEC in cattle feces and development of a Real-time PCR assay for differentiation between two verocytoxin-2 subtypes
Lea Ellegaard-Petersen (2008) Effekter af parfumestoffet acetyl cedrene på det mikrobielle samfund i sedimentet
Kristine Bjerre (2008) New methods for reducing high alcohol content in wine
Jonina Noninthrath (2008) Determination of the seroprevalence of M. amphoriforme on different populations- Development of a M. amphoriforme-specific LAMP.ELISA test
Hanne Svenningsen (2008) Trickosan - its impact on the microbial community and biodegradation in soil
Steen Stahlhut (2008) Identification and characterization of Klepsiella pneuminiae adherence proteins
Heidi Iskou Sørensen (2007) The diversity of Staphylococci plasmids carrying the tet(K) determinant for tetracycline resistance
Parsha Rezvani (2007) Detection of selected virulence genes in eae positive E. coli isolates from children with and without diarrhea
Jakob Vang Rytter (2007) Direkte detektion af horizontal genoverførsel ved hjælp af flowcytometri
Kristoffer Simonsen (2007) Exploration of plasmids in soil bacteria
Rikke Berrada (2007)Improved detection and quantification of Salmonella Dublin in samples from cattle
Nadia Boisen (2007) Studies on virulence factors of enteroaggregative (EAEC) E.coli
Anders Nissen Varming (2007) DNA-mikro-array of plasmid encoded antibiotic resistance genes
Rikke H. Pedersen (2007) Bakterier fra ikkasøjler, karakterisering, biodiversitet og enzymer
Jesper P. A. Christensen (2007) Studie af biogasprocessen som led i et anden generations ætanolanlæg
Ramesh Kuchana (2007) PCR method for detection of monoclonal subgroups of Legionella pneumophila serogroup
Jette Nielsen (2006) Effekten af regnorme (Lumbricus terrestris) på fordelingen af enzymaktivitet i jord
Marina Rasmussen (2006) Mikrobiel aktivitet og diversitet i 3 forskellige jorde under påvirkning af temperatur og fugtighed
Camilla Kæmpegaard (2006) Soil microbial community in forest and field
Ulla Schuster Bach (2006) Virulensfaktorer hos Campylobacter jejuni 
Helle Holmsgaard (2006) Ekspression af proteaser i Fusarium culmorum
Lotte Jakobsen (2006) Effekt af antibiotika i svb-mic koncentrationer på plasmid-overførsler i E.coli
Michael Lundov (2006) Extra bredspektret beta-lactamaser (ESBL) detektion i salmonella
Jeppe Kock-Olsen (2006) Adaptions in aprotinin producing strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in aerobic glucoselimited continuous fermentations
Martin Hangler (2006) Svampes nedbrydning af phenylurea-herbicidet isoproturon
Helle Jørgensen (2006) Investigation of mobile genetic elements harbouring antibiotic resistance
Sheila Jensen (2006) Bacteria and microenvironmental conditions in the rhizosphere of Zostera marina
Trine Gry Østergaard (2005) Bakterielle reportere til påvisning af gentoxicitet
Sanin Musovic (2005) Host range of pKJK10 plasmid amongst non- and culturable bacteria from a barley rhizosphere
Susanne Jørgensen (2005) Ændringer i forskellige jorde målt med SIR og T-RFLP
Bettina Ørsnes Andersen (2005) Kvantificering af mikroorganismer i drikkevand og biofilm
Anne Christine S. Hastrup (2005) Serpula lacrymans-the dry rot fungus
Mille Olsen (2005) Karakterisering af oveførbare tetracyklin resisstens gener i enterokokker
Mariane Smidth (2005) Undersøgelser af bakteriesamfundet i ikait-søjler fra Ikka fjorden i Sydvestgrønland med DNA- og dyrkningsbaserede metoder.
Thomas Kruse Hansen (2005) Arctic microbial ecology and biremediation. The effect of jetfuel Al and N and P supplementation on diversity of total and active soil bacteria
Frederikke Tom-Petersen (2005) Inoculum development for industrial fermentations
Allan Simonsen (2005) Mikrobiel nedbrydning af BAM i jord
Martin Iain Bahl (2004) Transfer and stability of mobile genetic elements encoding tetracycline resistance
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