Section for Ecology and Evolution 

The Section consists of two Research Groups:

  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Social Evolution, including the Centre for Social Evolution

Research addresses fundamental questions about the organizational principles and functional history of life to explain:

  • the evolution and mechanisms of acoustic and chemical communication
  • spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity and the implications of climate change
  • the ecological, population-genetic and co-evolutionary dynamics of interacting populations
  • the evolution and expression of social behaviour

Research is primarily theory-driven and conceptually orientated, but also makes extensive use of DNA and GIS technology and has specialized laboratories for communication studies.

Interdisciplinary approaches are common, both within the Section and with other research groups at KU and beyond, particularly in the fields of mycology, microbiology, organic chemistry, and biodiversity.

Several research programs have applied aspects in conservation, animal welfare, and biological control. The Section has long-term field programs in Arctic Biology (Greenland) and Tropical Biology (Eastern Africa, Central America, SE Asia, South America), but also in Denmark, Europe, and North America.