Lisa Winberg von Friesen

Lisa Winberg von Friesen

PhD fellow

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    Primary fields of research

    I am a marine ecologist focusing on microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen. In my PhD, I am specifically investigating biological nitrogen fixation in the Arctic Ocean that, up until rather recently, was not thought to take place there. Nitrogen fixation is of importance as it has the potential to influence where, when and to what extent primary production in the Arctic Ocean is limited by nitrogen. Very little is so far known, and I investigate this process in more detail to try to understand how nitrogen fixation is regulated, to what extent it occurs, how the diazotrophic community is structured and how it may come to change with the rapidly changing Arctic environment. To do that, I use molecular and stable isotope approaches.


    Further, I am interested in marine pollution and ecotoxicology, also working with microplastics and plastic additives in the Arctic marine environment.


    I am active in running APECS-Denmark - the national committee of the Association for Polar Early Career Scientists. If you are interested to join, please visit 


    Feel most welcome to contact me if you are interested in my research.

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