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One of the major unsolved problems in molecular biology today is the protein folding problem: given an amino acid sequence, predict the overall three-dimensional structure of the corresponding protein. It has been known since the seminal work of Christian B. Anfinsen in the early seventies that the sequence of a protein encodes its structure, but the exact details of the encoding still remain elusive.

Since the protein folding problem is of enormous practical, theoretical and medical importance - and in addition forms a fascinating intellectual challenge - it is often called the holy grail of bioinformatics. The Statistical Structural Biology group focuses on Bayesian, probabilistic models of protein structure and their application to protein structure prediction, protein design and protein structure determination from experimental data (NMR, SAXS), including data obtained from protein ensembles. Recently, we started working on evolutionary models of protein structure evolution.










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Thomas Hamelryck
Computational and RNA Biology
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