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Camilla S Colding-Christensen

Camilla S Colding-Christensen

Postdoc, Visiting Researcher

I am generally of an inquisitive nature. I enjoy the process from idea to result and I work methodically and systematically to achieve this. It is important to me to be part of a dynamic and innovative collaboration with my colleagues as well as to be able to work independently with my own ideas and see my work evolve. I am a sympathetic nerd with great enthusiasm and a wish to evolve and improve my skills.

Current research

Our lab is working within molecular biology using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and chicken DT-40 cells as model organisms. Using different types of techniques in genetics, cellular biology and live cell microscopy, we investigate different aspects of transcription, chromatin and DNA repair. 


For my Ph.D. project, I am investigating the function of a previously uncharacterised gene, CMR1 (Changed Mutation Rate 1), in the recovery from DNA damage. 

When the DNA is damaged, cells stop cycling while repairing the DNA. And while it is paramount to do so in order to avoid accumulation of detrimental mutations that could lead to ageing or cancer, it is equally important for cells to be able to resume cellular division once the DNA is repaired. Depending on the nature of the damage and in which stage of the cell cycle it occurs, there are different ways to repair the DNA and resume cellular division.

Mine and my colleagues’ experimental data suggest that CMR1 is involved in restart of DNA replication after encountering DNA replication stress and -damage during S-phase of the cell cycle. We also have data to suggest that CMR1 is tied to the SUMO and ubiquitin-proteasome systems that (mainly) targets proteins for degradation. Consequently, I am trying to investigate how these systems along with CMR1 regulate DNA repair and the recovery after DNA damage.

Primary fields of research

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Fields of interest

Genome stability

Cell cycle regulation

DNA repair

DNA stress and damage responses

Checkpoint signalling


Molecular Genetics (Laboratory instructor)

Almen Molekylær Biologi (Laboratory instructor)

Possible conflicts of interest


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