The gender distribution of incoming students in the natural sciences is fifty-fifty, but only 1 in 5 professors are female. What are the reasons for this bias? Is it harder for women to make it to the professor level? Or do talented young women not consider the university an attractive workplace? What are the consequences of a male-dominated professor staff for the university? For society? And what can be done to change the situation?

The Strategic Research Committee of the Department of Biology (BIO-SFU) and the Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) invites you to an afternoon event with focus on the facts and consequences of gender inequality in the Natural Sciences, and a solution-oriented discussion of how to promote gender equity in the University environment.

Gender equity in the university environment is about attracting the best young talents of both genders to an academic career. We invite anyone, male or female, student or professor, to come and learn the facts, get inspired by the ideas of others, contribute with ideas of their own, and help identify solutions that work.

Time: December 1st 2014, 13:00-17:00

Venue: Lundbeckfond Auditorium, Biocenter, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, Copenhagen N

The event is free, and open to all pre-registered participants.


13:00     Welcome (by Dean John Renner Hansen, Moderator Anja Philip, and BIO-SFU)

13:15 Nancy H. Hopkins, MIT, leading advocate for women in science
Mirages of Gender Equality: The Changing Status of Women in Science (1964-2014)

14:00 Mathias Wullum Nielsen, Danish Center for Studies on Research and Research Policy
Gender inequality in Academia in Europe

14:20 Coffee break

14:50 Panel discussion
Women in the Danish Natural Sciences
Anja Philip, Science journalist, known from DR2’s “VidenOm”
Panel members:
Nancy Hopkins, Professor of Biology at MIT, member of the National Academy of Sciences
John Renner Hansen, Dean of the Faculty of Science at UCPH
Peter Munk Christiansen, Chairman of the Danish Council for Independent Research
Maja Horst, Head of Dept. of Media, Cognition, and Communication, Faculty of Humanities, UCPH
Anja C. Andersen, Associate Professor of Astrophysics and member of The Board, UCPH
Mathias Wullum Nielsen, PhD Student, the Danish Center for Studies on Research and Research Policy

16:15 Refreshments and informal discussion