Freshwater Biology Section

Freshwater Biology Section

The section has been based in Hillerød since 1908 under the name Freshwater Biological Laboratory, but moved May 2013 to the main campus in Copenhagen. The history of the Section for Freshwater Biology dates back to 1897 and is thus founded on strong scientific traditions Our research answers questions related to patterns in biological diversity, adaptations of organisms in relation to their environment and the structure and ecological processes in streams, lakes, wetlands and coastal waters. We offer and contribute to a large number of courses both at BSc and MSc level that cover all aspects of freshwater ecology.

Research at FBS

The section’s research focuses on ecosystem processes, interactions between organisms and ecosystem components, as well as the biodiversity and functioning of soil organisms and plants. Read more

Teaching at FBS

The section teaches in courses offered at Bachelor program in Biology and Master program in Biology, especially in the Ecology specialization. In addition, the teachers contribute to some courses in Master program in Climate Change. Read more