Partners & collaborators

At the Freshwater Biology Section, besides our core research collaborations with other departments and universities, we have multiple partnerships with external organizations. These external partners contain both public organizations and private companies:

NIVA Danmark (Norwegian Institute for Water Research) is a private, independent and non-profit company focusing on research and consulting supporting evidence-based implementation and reporting of the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive as well as other EU Directives.

Nationalpark Thy is a national park in the northern part of Jutland containing a large number of lakes. The collaboration has so far focused on the environmental conditions of the lakes, particularly focusing on carbon concentrations and aquatic plant communities.

Danish nature and environmental agencies are partners in student projects and collaborators in field sites and data collection.

Tropica Aquarium Plants is the world’s largest producer of ornamental aquatic plants. Our collaboration focuses on knowledge‑sharing and their large collection of rare aquatic plants serves as a valuable resource in research and teaching.

Unisense A/S is the leading manufacturer of microsensors and instrumentation for use in biological and medical sciences, and our close collaboration guarantees access to the latest technology for students and researchers.