The section consists of a single research group, Freshwater Ecology, which focuses on research in lakes, streams, wetlands and coastal areas, in Denmark and around the globe.

Our research answers questions related to patterns in biological diversity, adaptations of organisms in relation to their environment and to the structure and ecological processes of whole aquatic ecosystems. Together with our extensive network of external collaborators, both nationally and internationally, we focus on five main research areas (see right menu), all of which are interlinked, and with a timely focus on current challenges related to e.g. climate change, land-use and nature management. Research approach covers field experiments and surveys, and experimental setups in the lab. All staff members are involved to a varying degree in most of the five described research areas.

Research infrastructure includes modern laboratory facilities equipped with extensive hardware for analysis of samples, various gear and vessels for field sampling, a state-of-the-art greenhouse and temperature-controlled rooms.