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Mechanisms and regulation of protein homeostasis

Speaker: Docent Claes Andréasson, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Stockholm University
Host: Professor Rasmus Hartman-Petersen, Biomolecular Sciences, BIO-UCPH

Cellular physiology is threatened by toxic and aggregation-prone proteins derived from ribosomal translation and protein damage. To combat misfolded proteins, cells have coevolved their proteomes with a proteostasis system that supports on-pathway folding and clearing of misfolded proteins. We use budding yeast as a model to understand how the molecular chaperone Hsp70 functions as a central hub in the proteostasis system. Current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that underlie how Hsp70 make decisions regarding folding and degradation fates of misfolded proteins and how the chaperone regulates the activity of the ancient stress-transcription factor Hsf1. We aim at unraveling conserved mechanisms at play in all eukaryotic cells with the anticipation of in the long run making a difference for human health and well-being.