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Nielsen, T. P., Wahlberg, M. & Dabelsteen, T. (2013): Assessment of long-distance detection of gillnets by porpoises: Reply to Dawson & Lusseau (2013).  Marine Ecology Progress Series 478, 303-305. Abstract

Huffeldt, N. P. & Dabelsteen, T. (2013): Impact of a noise-polluted urban environment on the song frequencies of a cosmopolitan songbird, the Great Tit (Parus major), in Denmark. Ornis Fennica 90.

Jacobsen, L. B., Sunde, P., Rahbek, C., Dabelsteen, T.  & Thorup, K. (2013): Territorial calls in the Little Owl (Athene noctua): spatial dispersion and social interplay of mates and neighbours. Ornis Fennica 90(1), 41–49. Abstract


Balsby, T. J. S., Momberg, J. V. & Dabelsteen, T. (2012): Vocal imitation in parrots allows addressing of specific individuals in a dynamic communication network. PLoS ONE 7(11), e49747. Abstract

Hesler,  N., Mundry, R. & Dabelsteen, T. (2012): Are there age-related differences in the song repertoire size of Eurasian blackbirds? Acta Ethologica, 15(2), 203-210. Abstract 

Hesler,  N., Mundry, R., Sacher, T., Coppack, T., Bairlein, F. & Dabelsteen, T. (2012): Song repertoire size correlates with measures of body size in Eurasian blackbirds. Behaviour, 149(6), 645-665. Abstract

Noer, C. L., Dabelsteen, T., Bohmann, K. & Monadjem, A. (2012): Molossid bats in an African agro-ecosystem select sugarcane fields as foraging habitat. African Zoology 47(1), 1-11. Abstract

Lebsock, A.A., Burdett, C.L., Darden, S.K., Dabelsteen, T., Antolin, M.F. & Crooks, K.R. (2012): Space use and territoriality in swift foxes (Vulpes velox) in northeastern Colorado. Canadian Journal of Zoology90(3), 337-344. Abstract

Nielsen, T.P., Wahlberg, M., Heikkilä, S., Jensen, M., Sabinsky, P. & Dabelsteen, T. (2012): Swimming patterns of wild habour porpoises Phocoena phocoena show detection and avoidance of gillnets at very long ranges. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 453, 241-248. Abstract

Brask, J.B., Croft, D.P., Thompson, K., Dabelsteen, T. & Darden, S.K. (2012): Social preferences based on sexual attractiveness: a female strategy to reduce male sexual attention. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 279(1734), 1748-1753. Abstract



Balsby, T.J.S. & Adams, D.M. (2011): Vocal similarity and familiarity determine response to potential flockmates in orange-fronted conures (Psittacidae). Animal Behaviour, 81(5), 983-991. Abstract

Hebert, L., Darden, SK., Pedersen, B.V. & Dabelsteen, T. (2011): Increased DNA amplification success of non-invasive genetic samples by successful removal of inhibitors from faecal samples collected in the field. Conservation Genetics Resources, 3(1), 41-43. Abstract

Hesler, N., Mundry, R. & Dabelsteen, T. (2011): Does song repertoire size in common blackbirds play a role in an intra-sexual context? Journal of Ornithology 152(3), 591-601. Abstract

Malmkvist, J., Jeppesen, L.L. & Palme, R. (2011): Stress and stereotypic behaviour in mink (Mustela vision): A focus on adrenocortical activity. Stress 14, 312-323. 

Mogensen, N.L., Ogutu, J.O. & Dabelsteen, T. (2011): The effects of pastoralism and protection on lion behaviour, demography and space use in the Mara Region of Kenya. African Zoology 46(1), 78-87. Abstract

Nielsen, T.P., Jacobsen, M.W. & Wang, T. (2011): Satiety and eating patterns in two species of constricting snakes. Physiology & Behaviour 102, 110-114. Abstract

Pontoppidan, M., Petersen, P.M. & Philipp, M. (2011): For she that hath, to her shall be given... Implications of flowering in Anemone nemorosa L. Plant BiologyAbstract 

Sabatini, V., Ruiz-Miranda, C.R. & Dabelsteen, T. (2011): Degradation characteristics of golden lion tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia two-phrase long calls: Implications for call detection and ranging in evergreen forest. Bioacoustics 20, 137-158. Abstract

Schønecker, B., Freimanis, T., Sørensen, I.V. (2011): Diabetes in Danish Bank Voles (M. glareolus): Survivorship, Influence on Weight, and Evaluation of Polydipsia as a Screening Tool for Hyperglycaemia. PLoS ONE 6(8).

Walløe, S., Nissen, U.V., Berg, W.B., Hounsgaard, J. & Pakkenberg (2011): Stereological estimate of the total number of neurons in spinal segment D9 of the Red-eared turtle. Journal of Neuroscience 31(7), 2431-2435. Abstract

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Balsby, T.J.S. & Hansen, P. (2010): Element repertoire: change and development with age in Whitethroat Sylvia communis song. J. Ornithol. 151, 469-476. Abstract

Beatty, G.E., Philipp, M. & Provan, J. (2010): Unidirectional hybridization at a species' range boundary: implications for habitat tracking. Diversity and Distributions-a Journal of Biological Invasions and Biodiversity 16(1), 1-9. Abstract PDF

Bøcher, J.J. & Nachman, G.S. (2010): Are environmental factors responsible for geographic variation in the sex ratio of the Greenlandic seed-bug Nysius groenlandicusEntomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 134(2), 122-130. Abstract

Hansen, B.K., Jeppesen, L.L. & Berg, P. (2010). Stereotypic behaviour in farm mink (Neovison vison) can be reduced by selection. J. Anim. Breed. Genet. 127, 64-73. Abstract

Heller, R , Pedersen, A.F.S., Wang, C.W , Usman, F. & Dabelsteen, T. (2010): Macrogeographical variability in the great call of Hylobates agilis: assessing the applicability of vocal analysis in studies of fine-scale taxonomy of gibbons. American Journal of Primatology 72(2), 142-151. Abstract

Lampe, H.M., Balsby, T.J.S., Espmark, Y.O. & Dabelsteen, T. (2010): Does twitter song amplitude signal male arousal in redwings (Turdus iliacus)? Behaviour 147, 353-365. Abstract

Matessi, G., Matos, R.J.S.C., Peake, T.M., McGregor, P.K. & Dabelsteen, T. (2010): Effects of social environment and personality on communication in male Siamese fighting fish in an artificial network. Animal Behaviour 79(1), 43-49. Abstract

* McGregor, P.K. (2010): Signals. Contributor to: The Encyclopaedia of Applied Animal Behaviour (Mills, D. ed). CABI Publications, Wallingford. Link Preview

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Walløe, S., Eriksen, N., Dabelsteen, T. & Pakkenberg, B. (2010): A neurological comparative study of the Harp Seal (Pagophilus groenlandicus) and Habour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) brain. The Anatomical Record 293, 2129-2135. Abstract

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Adams, D.M., Balsby, T.J.S. & Bradbury, J.W. (2009): The function of double chees in orange-fronted conures (Aratinga canicularis; Psittacidae). Behaviour 146(2), 171-188. Abstract

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* Balsby, T.J.S. & Dabelsteen, T. (2008): En stille sang. Aktuel Naturvidenskab 2, 4-6. PDF 

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