Søren Johannes Sørensen

Søren Johannes Sørensen


Aktuel forskning

Currently team leader of the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group. The main objective of the group’s studies is to gain knowledge on the interaction between different microbial populations in natural environments such as the human gut, soil or water.

This includes studies on: The extent of genetic flow within the natural communities. Transfer and selection of antibiotic resistance and natural production of antibiotics in soil. The responses of bacteria populations to environmental perturbations caused by xenobiotics (pesticides, PAH and heavy metals). Molecular techniques such as DGGE and clone libraries are used to investigate microbial communitystructure and diversity.

The group has in collaboration with Dr. Tamar Barkay being pioneering in environmental application of specific whole cell biosensors for detection of bioavailable heavy metals and antibiotics.

The research is financed by the various Danish programs (SMP3, Veterinær Miljøforskning, Bioteknologi og Fødevarer, and SNF) and international by EU framework V and the US DOE Environmental research program. Recently a collaboration with Dr. Duncan Veal, Macquarie University, Sydney has resulted in the introduction of flow cytometric analysis of biosensor cells expressing the gfp marker gene.

In last three years I have co-authored more than 40 scientific papers in international journals and presentations at international meetings.

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